Monday, March 29, 2010

Please Pray

A former student of mine, tragically lost her father and 11 year old brother in a car wreck this weekend. Please keep Madison and her mom, Jane in your prayers.

I'm completely heart-broken and I cannot even imagine what they are going through.

Love Y'all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Things You Might Not Know

Over at the Living Proof blog, Beth made a list of 10 things you probably don't know about her and she wanted us to make our own list. So here's the list I left as a comment:

1. I love funky praise music! Kirk Franklin and Toby Mac rule and my kids love them too!
2.I can't put an extinguished match in the trash until I dip it in water.
3. I love to read and I'm a fast reader.
4. I love roller coasters.
5. I'm a spelling enthusiast. Seeing misspelled words on signs, church newsletters, etc. drive me crazy! (After posting my comment on Beth's blog, I realized I had misspelled a word. humility is hard!)
6. My husband is a terrible speller, opposites DO attract.
7. I have an irrational fear of alligators.
8. I love chips and salsa.
9. I cannot keep my van clean.
10. I like a little coffee with my cream. And no I didn't get that backwards!

So what about you? What are 10 things that we might not know? Please share!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Because I want to remember.....

Because time goes by so quickly, I wanted to take the time and write down some of the things that I love about my kids during this stage of their lives. They're all at very different and unique stages and because I want to remember, I better record it now!

I love that you are the exact definition of a 'tween'. I love that you will play Twister all by yourself just so Caleb and be the spinner. I love it when you get frustrated because he says right foot yellow, over and over again. I love the way we can look at each other and laugh about something that no one else understands. I love the way you tell a story and you have to make sure we hear every.single.detail. I love the way you still says, "Goodnight, Momma."

I love the way you love to wrestle and 'tussle' with Caleb. I love the fact that you LOVE to read. I love it that you think Jackie Robinson is a hero. I love the way you love all sports and that you enjoyed watching the Olympics as much as I did. I love it that you think you're still small enough to sit in my lap. I love it when you get up! (kidding, but your tail is so boney!!!) I love that you've discovered bird watching out your window and that you want me to enjoy it too! I love that you want to protect our home with an air soft gun when a strange man knocks on the door! I love that you remind me, "I won't always want to snuggle with you Momma, so you better enjoy it."

I love it when you do something great and you want celebrate, you say, "high five, big hug!" I love it when you ask us a question and we tell you we don't know, you respond by saying, "you better ask me." (instead of you better tell me.) I love the fact that you could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner!I love the way you say, "I want a whole big" when you want a lot of something. I love the way you want to wrestle with Dougie and Daddy but when it gets too rough, you run to mommy. I love the way you love to sing Toby Mac, especially "Boomin." I love it when you laugh so hard, your face turns red and you drool! I love that just a few weeks ago the thought of not being 3 caused you to lament ALL day long! (I'm not kidding!) But now I love that now you can't wait to be 4. I love that you believe that when you're 4, you're going to be "Super Boy." I love that you don't ever forget anything!

What's not to love!? I love that you light up when you see your sister or brothers. I love that you will "carry on" a conversation. You will babble, we respond and then you babble some more! I love that you love to laugh and play. (Although I do wish you'd start crawling!) I love that you are turning into a really good sleeper! I love the way you love to see Daddy and Mommy!

I'm very blessed with wonderful children. Steven and I pray daily that our children will grow up and love God will all their hearts.
Kiss your babies today!