Friday, February 3, 2012

New York!

Two weeks before Christmas, my sister in law called me & said they were thinking about taking their daughter Mia to NY for a Rockette show & they wondered if Emma could go with them. Of course I wanted her to go but I didn't want her to experience NYC for the 1st time without me! Literally, the week before my sister in law called me, Emma had created a bucket list on Pinterest & one of the things she'd pinned was 'experience Christmas in NY', and we'd talked about how maybe we could do it someday! So that's why I wanted to go with them. Fortunately, my brother was able to use his skymiles & get tickets for the 5 of us. The plan was to fly up on the Tues before Christmas, see the show on Tues. night & fly back on Wed.
So on the Sunday before, we told Emma that we had an early Christmas gift for her. I had bought her a new winter coat specifically for this trip.When she opened it, her face revealed that she was less than thrilled with the coat, because, we live in south Ga. You don't really need a winter coat down here! But then Steven said, "we know you didn't really want a new coat but we thought you'd need one in NY." She looked at us in disbelief and asked, "I'm going to NY??" We shook our heads & said, "yes, we're going Tuesday." By this point, she was jumping up and down and yelling and crying, "I'm going to NY!!!!!"
It was such a priceless memory!
A funny side story, the boys were watching as this all took place & they were all excited for Emma. But after a few moments, when Caleb realized he wasn't getting to go, he got mad at Emma, looked at her and said, "that's not fair, Moon!" (Can you guess what we'd been talking about at church earlier that day!)
So on the Monday before Christmas, we all packed up & headed to ATL for the week.

To be continued.....