Thursday, July 10, 2008

100th Post!!!!!!!

I can't believe that this is my 100th post. Well actually it's my 101st post, I didn't realized that when I posted about getting paid with veggies, that was actually my 100th post. oops!! Oh well, it's my blog and if I want to celebrate my 100th post, when it's actually the 101st, then I will!!!
Anyway, I'm going to attempt the traditional 100 things and if you and I make it through, there might be a surprise at the end.

1. I am a Georgia peach!
2. This is already getting hard!
3. I am married to a wonderful man, Steven.
4.I have 3 beautiful children.
5. I am a certified teacher.
6. I have a voice disorder called spasmodic dysphonia.
7. It's not life threatening, just a 'thorn in my side'.
8. You can google it to find out more, if you want!
9. I was diagnosed in 2001.
10. So when I tell you that I get botox, it's not for cosmetic reasons!
11. I love coffee.
12. I prefer it cold and flavored.
13. I am a punctual person.
14. My 1st son is like me, he was born on his due date!
15. I love the beach!
16. I live in a small town.
17. I enjoy living in a small town.
18. I hope Barack is not our next president.
19. I can't believe I'm only on 19. yikes!!!
20. Dark chocolate is the best.
21. I developed a taste for it when i went to the Ukraine.
22. I went to the Ukraine in 1992 on a mission trip.
23. I turned 21 while we were there.
24. Now you can figure out how old i am.
25. I've always looked young, i hated it when I was younger.
26. But now I love it!
27. That's why I color my hair.
28. I'm not going to let gray hair give me away!!!
29. I was raised in a Christian home.
30. My parents will celebrate their 42nd anniversary this year.
31. I have an older brother and sister and a younger sister.
32. I have a wonderful sis-in-law and a crazy brother-in-law.
33. I have 2 nephews and a niece.
34. I am the 3rd child, enough said!
35. Rude people irritate me.
36. My spiritual gifts are mercy and service.
37. So basically, I'll love you through any situation and feed you while I'm at it!
38. God has really been strengthening me in the area of speaking the truth.
39. It's all about being balanced.
40. I believe that Jesus died for the WHOLE world!
41. I can't wait to share that great news with the people in Costa Rica.
42. I'm getting anxious about leaving Caleb. Pray about that please!
43. I'm a pastor's wife.
44. I'm not the typical pastor's wife.
45. I've been divorced.
46. God hates divorce but you know what, He loves the divorced! Praise HIM!
47. There is no such thing as a 'typical' pastor's wife.
48. We're just regular women.
49. Cute saying: I'm a BMW! Baptist Minister's Wife :0)
50. Half way there!!!
51. I was a single mom for about 3 years.
52. It was during that time that I learned what it really means to surrender to Christ.
53. I tithe.
54. In fact, you couldn't convince me NOT to tithe.
55. While I was a single mom, I learned first hand, You can't out give God!
56. The first summer I was single, the kids and I went to the beach with my fam.
57. As usual, I spent too much money.
58.The Sunday we returned, I knew I needed to give my tithe.
59. If I gave my tithe, things would be really tight for the rest of the month.
60. The internal struggle was so great, fear versus trust.
61. Trust won out and that morning I gave my tithe with no hesitation.
62. That Sunday evening my older sis went to FBCW with me.
63. After church, hanging out at my house, she gave me a card.
64. The sweet ladies in my mom's Sunday school class wanted me to know they loved me.
65. They were praying for me.
66. The wanted to bless me with a gift.
67. Inside the card was a love offering they had collected that morning.
68. It was the exact amount of my tithe I had given that morning.
69. I sobbed. My sister sobbed.
70. I've never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread. Ps.37:25
71. See #54
72 You're never more like Jesus that when you're giving.
73. I learned that from Pastor Johnny.
74. I love to eat.
75. I wish I could make chicken and dumplings like my Mama's.
76. I've mastered cornbread dressing, thanks to my mom and grandma.
77. My new favorite show is Design Star.
78. I hate drama.
79. I generally calm, cool and collected.
80. Although I can cry at the drop of a hat.
81. I love to read.
82. I love to sit on the beach and read.
83. If I could, I would adopt a child from overseas.
84. Beth Moore is my bff. She just doesn't know it!
85. Priscilla Shirer is next in line!
86. She has the prettiest teeth.
87. I am competitive.
88. I don't yell at my kids ballgames.
89. It is a struggle though!
90. Oh my word! I'm almost done!
91. I love hanging out with my husband.
92. We both like visiting historical places.
93. He makes me laugh!
94. I love to laugh.
95. I'm rarely serious.
96. I'm a night owl.
97. I'm also a morning person, go figure!
98. My life verse is Jeremiah 29:11.
99. Jesus Christ is truly my best friend.
100. I want Him to be yours too!!!!

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!

Ok, I think I promised something about a surprise if you made it to the end!
For my 100th (101st) post celebration, I'm going to have a giveaway! (see #72) ;)
I'm going to give you some of my favorite things:

$10 gift card to st*rbucks so you can drink a coffee.
A bag of hershey kisses, I prefer dark chocolate but I'll let you choose
$10 gift card to Lifeway so you can read a good book.

Leave a comment and tell me what kind of kisses you prefer, Hershey kisses that is! I'll draw a winner on Monday, July 14th! Invite your friends to enter, unless you just really want to win. Kidding!!!

I love you all and since it's actually my 101st post:


21 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hey girlie! I read them all. And can I tell you that the tithing stuff was good for me. After Mexico and California and a new puppy, we are flat broke until payday on Tuesday. I'm scrimping and scavenging in the pantry to find stuff to eat. I considered not tithing our entire amount, I'm ashamed to say. But I went ahead and gave it all and I'm trusting that just as always, He will provide all we need. :)

I love all chocolate. I'm liking the new dark chocolate kisses, too. :)

I love reading you. :)

Angie said...

That was really fun learning all those things about you, friend! I wish you lived closer.

Count me in for the DARK chocolate! Yummy, AND good for you!

Congrats on posts 100-101! YAY! :)

Amy: said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I loved reading all of those! You inspire me!!! Love you!

Linda said...

Loved learning more about you. I love Design Star too. Beth Moore and Priscilla...need I say more??? Love cold coffee. So much in common. Great story about the tithe.:)

Susan and Lee said...

100! Wow! How long have you been doing this? i guess it goes by fast though because I am already on 30 something and I have been doing it for about 3 or 4 months. I love reading your blog Cheryl. It is great and inspiring like Amy said.
YOu need to come up this way soon so we can all get together again.

Kristin Puckett (Collins) said...

I think Emma posted a couple, so this one might actually be YOUR 100th! Congratulations! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your Wonderful family pictures!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Loved this one! Happy 101st!

And I'm so with ya on #78 :)

I love just plain chocolate boring am I?!?

Nana said...

100 things, I can't believe you didn't mention your second family once. How sad am I. Love ya anyway.

Sallie said...

Hi Cheryl! I've been reading your blog on SBC Women feed... nice to learn so much more about you :-)

I don't have any particular favorite kiss but I think I tried one once that was like a reeses... or maybe it was white chocolate.. either way they were yummy :-)

I love cold coffee too but usually can only drink it black.. a habit I picked up in Okinawa.

I completely agree with #18!!!

I'm actually not resisting my gray. I'm mid 30's and am getting more than my mom already but I'm looking at it as my crown of glory... sigh

So great that you tithe!! We can't outgive God!!! Crying right there with you with the times God has blessed us with our exact tithe back at us for trusting in Him :-)

Have a great day and be blessed!!

Amanda Jo said...

Great list! I love your story on tithing! Our church is featuring tithing testimonies right now and yours would take the cake!

Sign me up for the giveaway! It looks GREAT! I love the dark chocolate kisses - yummo!

Shelley said...

Happy Blog-aversary!! :-)

Fran said...

You are awesome Cheryl!! I can't comment on 101 things but it was so much fun reading these.

Since I'll be winning, you can just email me and tell me what to do! ;)

Big hugs~

Alene said...

Hey girl, you are just as cute as ever! Congrats on your 101st! I have no clue where I stand. ha! I was getting all ready to explain the kind of kisses I like when you reiterated Hershey's Kiss - so make it Hugs. Blesings!

Jennifer said...

I made it and enjoyed every minute of it! I love reading your posts! Thanks for all y'alls prayers. I only have two more weeks before I head home! Love you!
P.S. I'm a milk chocolate kind of girl ;)

Cassandra Stafford said...

I am nervous about my 100th post, but since I am only at 60, I still have a while....maybe I should start now....anyway enjoyed reading yours. Gonna browse around the rest of your blog, but not gonna pass up a chancw to win free coffee and chocolate

Barbie said...

Love the list! I am a single Mom and I truly know you can't outgive out...btw we share the same gifts lol

Jennifer said...

I dont know why I never did a 100th post but wish I did. Anyways. It was neat learning more about you and the tithing story really touched me. God is so faithful.
Have you tried the mint chocolate kisses?? They are yummy

Natalie said...

Amen to #47 and #48! I hear you loud and clear, sister!

Natalie said...

I almost forgot...have you tried the caramel filled kisses?!?! YUM-YUM! :)

Becoming Me said...

ts on your 100th post! Neat list. And your prizes are great. I'm soon moving, so that chocolate and coffee followed by a good book...just what I'll need. I know it's not trendy, but I'm a milk chocolate girl.

Ginger said...

I enjoyed learning about you! I have a friend who has Spasmodic Dysphonia...small world. And I happen to love that pastor's wives aren't typical...most of my friends are pastor's wives...I am not. And I desperately needed to hear about the tithing...I so struggle with that issue...dedicated in most other areas, just this one gets me!