Monday, December 13, 2010

A little Christmas fun

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Turkey report

I have been such a terrible blogger lately. Lately, I don't seem to have the time or desire to write but I'm going to push through this bloggy funk and hopefully, it'll get better!
Well I'm sure all 2 of you who still check my blog have been wondering about how my turkeys turned out, or not.
I decided to use the Reynolds cooking bags for the turkeys. For one of the turkeys, I made a compound butter with some liquid smoke, garlic powder and some other spices that I can't remember now. I rubbed the butter under the skin, which is something I won't soon forget. Not really gross, just weird.
One of the birds had a pop-up thermometer and I put a meat thermometer in the other. I put them in their bags and put them in the oven. I had read that the meat should be between 170 & 180 degrees. So since I have a fear of undercooked poultry, I let them cook until the thermometer read 180. Amazingly, when the meat thermometer registered 180, I checked the other turkey and the pop-up thing had popped too.
I can't believe I didn't take any pictures. They were brown and gorgeous!
After they rested, I let Steven taste a bite and his exact words were, "Girl, you hit a home run with that!"

We had plenty of turkey on Thanksgiving and everyone enjoyed it.
So overall, my first cooking the turkey experience went really well. Next time, I think I would cook it on the same day because there's nothing like turkey that has just been cooked.