Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the road again.....

Even though I feel like I just got home from my amazing Siesta weekend, I'm heading out again. My sweet husband is sending me to the GBC Minister wives retreat, it was part of my Christmas! I'm going right by myself and don't know anyone else that is going but I kind of like that. It will be neat to see who God brings into my life from this weekend!
I was sharing with Mrs. Janet (FBCW's first lady) about going to this retreat by myself and she said, "you're like me!" I'll take that compliment any day!!!

So any way the retreat ends Saturday so I'll be away from the computer for a few days.
I hope you have a blessed weekend. If you have some time, stop by my cousin Kaylan's blog. She's written an interesting post and could use some godly advice.

Love y'all dearly!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No eye has seen........

Y'all I can't even begin to express what an amazing weekend I experienced. Caleb and I left Saturday to head to ATL. He had a weekend getaway with Grandma and Paps while I spent some time with the "Siestas." I got a little late start because we left a few things at home (my Bible and Caleb's Curious George.) So I got to mom and dad's later than I planned. I was supposed to meet the Siestas at 6pm for dinner. On my way to meet them, I realized that my wallet was in the diaper mom and dad's......uggghhhh. The enemy was doing all he could to keep from meeting up with these ladies. I finally got to the restaurant and I had a great time getting to know these wonderful ladies.

On Sunday, we met up for worship at FBCW and heard an amazing message by Pastor Johnny. That afternoon we had a luncheon planned, a Mexican Fiesta to be exact that Tammy planned for us! We were having a wonderful time, fellowshipping and enjoying the chocolate fountain, when in walked BETH MOORE, aka "Momma Siesta."

We were all so stunned but so overjoyed. She shared with us how much the blogging community has come to mean to her how grateful she was for us! She is EXACTLY the same in person as you've seen in a video or on a stage. She wanted to take a group picture with us and as we were trying to figure out where to take it, she began pushing a table out of the way. I started to help her but then realized I better not but I remember looking at her and thinking, "Beth Moore is standing right here beside me, moving a table!" I'm a goofball I know!

She was only able to hang out for about 20 minutes because she had other commitments before the concert but after the group picture she began hugging some of the ladies so I walked up behind her and just gently rubbed her on the back and said, "I dearly love you." She turned around and hugged me and to my surprise, posed for a quick picture which Fran was able to take! Thanks Fran!

I look absolutely cheesy in this picture but what can I say?!
After she left we all headed to the sanctuary to wait for the concert. The doors didn't open til 5pm so we just sat around and waited. It was during this time that I got know some of the other ladies even better. It's amazing how God can take the internet and use it to bring friends together.

Fran and I waiting!

The concert by Travis Cottrell was out of this world! It was truly a picture of what Heaven will be like someday.
Here's some more pics from the concert and the rest of the evening~

Me and Sophie, aka BooMama

Laura and I meeting Gov. Perdue.

Melinda and I.

Kim and I after the concert.

Beth worshipping right by our seats!

Before the concert I saw a sweet lady that I hadn't seen in years!

Mrs. Anne was my roomie on my very first mission trip. We went to Ukraine in 1992!
Then after the concert, I ran into a sorority sister that I hadn't seen in many years. We knew that each other was going to be at the concert but are plans to meet we're uncertain. But God ordained it and we were able to see each other!

Me and Stacey.
On the way home from the concert, I was just overwhelmed by God's goodness to me and how he had chosen to give me a weekend that I will never forget. And I said early that the concert was a glimpse of what Heaven will be like but really and truly my whole weekend was a glimpse of Heaven. You see, I was able to meet one of my heroines in the Faith, I saw people who God brought into my life for a specific purpose, I saw friends who will always be life long friends and I met people who I wouldn't have ever met if it wasn't for our bond of Christ. And that's exactly what it will be like in Heaven. We'll get to meet our heroes (with no time constraints!), we'll get to see all our loved ones and we'll get to meet fellow believers and we'll all be together for the sole purpose of worshipping the ONE who created us and saved us!

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm so excited........

I have been counting down the days until today and it's finally here! After Dougie's b-ball game today, Caleb and I are headed to ATL. for this~
Travis Cottrell will be leading the worship tomorrow at FBCW and then performing a concert tomorrow night. Although I'll miss my FAVORITE preacher in the morning, I'll get to hear my 2nd favorite, Pastor Johnny. And during the concert tomorrow night, Beth Moore will be speaking! It is going to be an amazing day!

And if things couldn't get better, I'm meeting up with about 30 other Siestas to enjoy this wonderful day together. We're going to meet tonight for dinner. I'll be meeting her, and this sweet lady who organized everything and many, many others. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share when I get home.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Love y'all

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another first!!!

For Christmas, one of Caleb's 'gifts' was a potty. I know, but he's only 2, he doesn't get it yet!
Since then, he's sat on the potty maybe 5 times. Although, I'd love for him to be potty-trained before the baby comes, I realize that he's still pretty young, so I'm not getting my hopes up (or my stress level!)
This morning, Caleb asked to sit on his potty. So we took off his diaper (which was dry) and he sat down. Unlike the times before, I left the bathroom because I figured he'd sit there for 30 seconds and be done with it. A few minutes after leaving the bathroom, I heard him yell, "Mommy, what's that? Mommy, come look!" And I couldn't believe it, my little 2 year old had made 'pee-pees in the potty'!
We immediately called Daddy and then called Grandma to celebrate! Maybe it won't be so bad after all.
Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This and That

I haven't been very good about blogging lately. And today isn't any different but I want to share a few things that have happened.
Yesterday, I had to go take the glucose test and since I had to fast before I took the test, I went as soon as I dropped the kids off at school. Mondays are usually my laundry day, so I knew I'd be behind by the time I got home. When I got home around lunch time, Steven had gone to a Pastor's luncheon but I saw that before he left, he had started the laundry. **smile** But upon further observation, I noticed that he didn't get the kids laundry baskets and his sorting of clothes was not exactly the way I would do it. I found myself aggravated but I just got the kids clothes and added them to the piles Steven had already made.
When he got home a little while later, I faced a decision. My flesh wanted to be irritated at him and let him know by telling him, "could you make sure you get the kids clothes too and when you sort the clothes I really like it this way."
But fortunately the Holy Spirit intervened and said to ME, "why don't you just show him your gratitude?" So that's what I did. When he came in the door, I told him (with a smile on my face), "Thank you for starting the laundry." As much as I wanted to add a 'but' to that sentence, I didn't.
Sometimes it's hard to be an encouraging wife but it sure makes for a more peaceful home when I am!
We bought some new Thomas the Train sheets to go on Caleb's big boy bed. Caleb was so excited about them. After he and Steven finished putting the sheets on the bed, Caleb took a step back, looked at his bed and starting singing....the Hallelujah chorus! Y'all I'm not kidding!!!!
This morning, Emma left her lunch in the van so I had to turn around and take it back to her. Since her class is in a trailer, I decided to just take it to her instead of taking it to the office. When I opened the classroom door, all the students were seated quietly so their focus was on me. Emma walked over to get her lunch from me and in front of her whole 5th grade class, with everyone's attention on us, she gave me me a kiss and said, "love you Momma."
****sigh**** I just love that girl!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I checked my archives from last year and I explained this but most of you didn't read my blog back then, so I'll tell you again!
In 2004, I stopped making resolutions and instead asked God to give me a verse for the year. This idea came from the headmaster of the school where I was teaching at the time.
Here are my Resolution verses from the past years:
2004- Romans 12:2
2005- Isaiah 43:18-19
2006- Matthew 6:33
2007- Colossians 4:2
2008- Psalm 86:11-12
And really and truly, without realizing it, I began doing this in 2003. Because you see, 2003 was the year I went through my separation and divorce and I CLUNG to Jeremiah 29:11-13.
When I look back at these scriptures and the things that I faced during each of these years, it amazes me how God plants these scriptures in my heart to prepare me for whatever that year may hold!
I commit these verses to memory and last year, I even memorized Psalm 86:1-13. But I don't think I'll be able to memorize the chapter that contains this year's verse~

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. Psalm 119:133

I have some thoughts running through my head about why I think God may have chosen this verse for me but ultimately I think it's because He wants everything that I do to line up with His word. I'm looking forward to this journey!

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Recap- this is going to be long!

Ok, I realize I'm kind of late but for all 2 of you who actually care what we did over the holidays I'm going to recap anyway!
We celebrated Christmas with Steven's family on Christmas Eve day. Emma and Dougie were with their dad so they didn't get to go with us. We had some great bbq, Brunswick stew and had a great time hanging out. If this family keeps growing, I don't know how we'll fit into Grandmomma and Grandaddy's house!

We came back for our Christmas Eve service at church and then Emma and Dougie came home later that evening. Instead of leaving cookies for Santa, we left him some oreo truffles, which he greatly appreciated. He even said so in the note he left the kids. After we got the sweets and milk ready, Emma and Dougie said they had something else to leave for Santa. Unbenownst to me, (did I just really use that word?) they had made thank you cards for Santa and Dougie's even wished him a safe trip! Santa was VERY impressed with that too!

After opening presents and eating breakfast, we loaded up the truck and moved to, sorry, the van and headed to my mom and dad's in ATL. We spent the afternoon hanging out with my immediate family and then later in the evening we went to my aunt's house to see some other family. It was a busy day but definitely worth the effort!

On Friday, my parents, my brother and his family headed down to south Ga. to spend a few days at my grandparents farm. Emma and Dougie went with them but Steven, Caleb and I stayed in ATL. Since Steven took the last Sunday as a vacation day, we wanted to attend FBCW on Sunday. Even though Pastor Johnny didn't preach it was a great service and we got to see lots of friends!
On Monday, we joined the rest of my family at the farm. The weather was warm, so the boys did a lot of hunting. Dougie has discovered the fun of squirrel hunting. He actually wanted me to cook the ones they shot but I told him he could forget it!

Here's some pictures of Dougie and Max doing some target shooting on New Year's Eve day.

Now here's Emma shooting. Yes, she's in her pj's and barefooted but maybe that's the trick.....

because she got closer to the bullseye than either of the boys!

All of my family left the farm that day, so we rang in the New Year by taking Emma, Dougie, Caleb and Jessi (another cousin) to Burger King. We couldn't watch the ball drop on tv because at the farm you only get 1 channel and believe me PBS is not something you really want to watch on New Year's Eve. So we spent the evening playing Phase 10 and watched the time on my cell phone!
Right after it turned midnight, Emma and Dougie shared their resolution. They said that they weren't going to argue with each other. I kid you not, at 12:04 am they were arguing!!! We played cards til 1am and the kids finally went to bed. Caleb gave it up about 11pm.

The next morning we lounged for a little bit......

I was desperately trying to finish Twilight, yes I've been sucked in. (sorry I couldn't resist!)
We came home, watched lots of football over the weekend and are getting ready to get back into a routine tomorrow!

We had a blessed Christmas season!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Caleb's New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year y'all! We've been gone a lot since Christmas and I haven't posted any pics yet. I hope to get them up soon. We got home yesterday from my grandparents farm. When it came time to go to bed, Dougie asked Caleb if he wanted to sleep in the bottom bunk of his bed. Caleb of course said, "sure!"Over the past week or so, Caleb has slept on a sofa bed, an air mattress and in a double bed with his cousin, so we knew he could sleep in a regular bed. We've been talking about when to move him from his baby bed to a regular bed but last night was not what I had planned!

But of course, Caleb loved it and slept wonderfully. Tonight as we were heading down the hall, he said, "mommy, I gonna sleep in the big boy bed!" There you go, done deal, from baby bed to big boy bed.