Friday, December 9, 2011

A rose....

"God gives us memories so we can have roses in December." My Grandma had this quote written in the front of her Bible and it has rung so true for my family. My Uncle Richard shared this story at the memorial service & I wanted to share it here. It's such a powerful story that I want my children to know about it for years to come.
At the age of 8, my Grandma lost her mother. Her life after that was not easy, as she & her siblings were sent to live with various family members. Eventually, my Grandma met my Grandaddy and they married. (Another post for another day!) They left Colorado and moved back to my Granddaddy's hometown of Atlanta, Ga.
After moving to Atlanta, my Grandma began having this reoccurring dream. She would dream about her mother. She & her mother were outside and her mother would be on one side of a fence and my Grandma was on the other. Her mother was singing a beautiful song and reaching out to her. My Grandma would try to get to her mother but would always wake up before she reached her. My Grandma didn't know the song that her Mom was singing but in the dream, she always sang the same song.
At some point, we're not sure when, my Grandma found out that the song was the old hymn Whispering Hope.
Sometime in the 60's, my Grandma took a trip back out west to visit some of her family. While there, she shared with her Uncle Victor, her mom's brother, about the reoccurring dream. It was then that he shared with my Grandma that he had played Whispering Hope on the violin at her mom's funeral.

Now we have complete understanding of why this song meant so much to my Grandma.
When she was in the hospital, my dad sang the song to her, and when it came to the chorus, she sang along with him. And at her memorial service, my sister Laura & a family friend sang Whispering Hope.

"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil. Hebrews 16:19

My hope now is that my Grandma has been reunited with her precious Mother & together they are in the presence of Jesus.
Love y'all dearly!

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Sweet Grandma

Lydia Olguin Fitzgerald
March 25, 1925 - December 2, 2011