Wednesday, May 12, 2010

THE wedding.....

I'm pretty sure I mentioned a while back that Emma, Dougie and Caleb were going to be in my cousin's wedding and if you would have been around us lately, you would have heard phrases like, she needs shoes for the wedding, get measured for tuxes for the wedding, get a haircut for the wedding. I think you get the picture, it's been all about -the wedding. Well the wedding took place this past Saturday and it was absolutely wonderful. The bride and groom are honeymooning in a tropical location and I think we have pretty much recovered from all the festivities. Now for more pictures than you care to see of -the wedding! Ok, that's the last time I'm going to say it, I promise!
Dougie and Max were Junior Groomsmen and Chaz and Caleb were the ring bearers. A few days before the wedding (sorry, it couldn't be helped) Caleb tried to persuade to buy him a ring pop because he was a ring bearer!!
Mia and Emma, Junior Bridesmaids.
The Groom, Jacob with the ring bearers!

Emma and the Bride, Kaylan.

Max escorting GiGi, my grandmother.
The Wedding Party
The Pastor that married them, was the pastor who led me to the Lord. I haven't seen him in many years, so that made it extra special. Ok, I'll stop there. The Wedding pt.2 The Reception coming soon!!!

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