Friday, January 21, 2011

She's got her Momma's smarts, NOT!

Tomorrow, something big is happening at our house. Well, actually, it's not taking place at our house but anyway.
Emma is taking the SAT.
Yes, you read that right. My 13 yr old, who's in 7th grade, is taking THE SAT, at Georgia Southern, with high schoolers!
What in the world, you ask?
Back in the Fall, you received a letter that stated because of her scores on a standardized test, she qualified for the Duke TIP Program. Part of this program gives 7th graders the opportunity to take the SAT. Her scores won't count for anything, it's just the experience of it all. Being part of this program may or may not lead to some scholarships & other educational benefits. Emma's response to all was, "I'm not going to some smart kid camp in the summer." So you can see, she's really into it all! ha!
And we've taken the no pressure approach to it all too. We are soooo proud of Emma. She is one smart chick.

1 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Sheryl said...

Congratulations, Emma!

My daughter will be graduating this year. Can't believe it!

She will be an elementary school teacher. That is if they have openings for teachers then. Teacher jobs in GA are scarce.