Friday, July 29, 2011

South Georgia Sand...

Earlier today, my sister texted me this picture, along with the message, "Thought of MaMa & PaPa!! Wish I could send the scent through the phone. ;)"

When we were kids, we spent a lot of time each summer at my MaMa & PaPa's farm. We would help out working in the tobacco fields, even though it sounds like something you would dread, we loved it because we got to be with our cousins. And even though the days were really hot & long, we always made it fun. Anytime we headed back to the house, we always had to make a stop by the water spigot in PaPa's barn to wash up. PaPa always had a bar of Lava soap for us to use. One thing I will never forget is him telling us to wet our hands, rub the soap on our hands and then take our hands and get a little bit of sand on our hands and then scrub away. I guess the sand worked like an abrasive because our hands would get soooo clean!

When I replied to my sister's text, I asked her if she remembered rubbing the sand in with the soap? I told her that it was a memory I'd never forget.

A couple of hours later, I got a text from my older brother. I guess my sister had sent him the picture too and he was replying to it. He said that he had bought some Lava soap a while back but that it "just doesn't work without that south Ga. sand in it."
It's amazing the memories that can be brought back just by the sight & smell of a bar of soap. My precious PaPa went to be with Jesus 20 years ago this past April but his memory is alive and well in his children & grandchildren.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

11 years old!

Today Dougie turns 11!

Last night around 11pm, I was putting some dishes in the dishwasher before heading to bed and my mind went to 11 years ago. I was getting ready for bed at right about 11pm and I had my 1st contraction. I didn't have anymore until about 3:30am. At that time, they were coming regularly and we headed to the hospital. By 7am, July 26 (his due date!) Douglas Neil Englund had entered into this world!

This birthday is different because I'm not able to wish him happy birthday. Dougie is away at camp for the very first time and he is celebrating his birthday with them. It's a little weird but I know that he is having a great time. But I do miss him.

Happy birthday Dougie! You are such a great kid and I love being your mom!