Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning to say no...

Now you're probably thinking this is some post about a pastor's wife learning to say no to church members who constantly ask her to do this or that. Well it's not.It's about Asher.
Now he mastered the art of saying no a loooong time ago.
But this happened last night, so I just had to blog about it.

Being the youngest preacher's kid & the fact that he is absolutely adorable, as soon as Asher gets out of the car at church, people are vying for his attention. Usually, he makes a bee line to his daddy. And after he sees him, then he begins looking for his other buddy, Jonathon. Jonathon is the teenage son of our music director and he & Asher have developed a very special friendship. Jonathon plays the guitar & since Asher loves music, it works out great! In fact, they have a routine. Jonathon will play this little diddy (can't believe I just used that word) and Asher will dance & play his air guitar. Jonathon then slaps the guitar strings to abruptly end the music & Asher will say one of two things,
"do dat tang." (In Asherian, Do that thang!)
or he will say,
"do gin Jonfin!" (Do again, Jonathon.)
In fact, because of Asher, our family now says "Jonfin" instead of Jonathon, not to his face, of course.
Last night, after Awana, I was trying to round up my kids to head home. Asher, of course was with Jonfin. I finally got all 4 of them headed out the door & when we got outside, Jonfin was behind us headed to his car. He came up behind Asher, pretending like he was going to pick him up & when Asher realized what Jonfin was doing, he firmly said,
"No Jonfin, I goin home!"

And that's when Asher learned to say no. =)

Love y'all dearly!

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