Monday, August 27, 2012


Ever since seeing the movie, UP, yelling "SQUIRREL" at random times has become something that we do in our family. Emma seems to have a knack for yelling it at just the right time. Well, the other day, the scene from this movie played out right before my very eyes!

We had been given a small table and some chairs for our 'classroom'. We were unloading them from the back of the truck and I asked Caleb and Asher to take a chair inside. Asher was slowly dragging his across the driveway and I was walking behind him carrying the other chairs. He's almost to the garage when he looks out into the yard and yells, "LOOK, A SQUIRREL!" He immediately drops the chair and runs off to catch the squirrel.

That boy!

Dougie wasn't home when this happened, so when I was retelling him the story, he asked, "do you teach him to be so funny?"

Nope, it's just comes natural, like a dog chasing a squirrel!

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