Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing catch-up

My goodness! Since Thursday night, we have been on the go and haven't stopped...........until now. I'm sure so many of you (ok, only 2 of you but who's counting)have been waiting anxiously for my Fit Friday report. Well, there's nothing to report. We made an unexpected trip to my parent's this week, so that knocked out Tues and Wed. And then on Thursday, I was busy running errands and when we picked up the kids from school, we headed straight to Augusta for Winter Jam. The concert was great and we got to meet up with Tammy and Tony Nolan. I took some pictures but I don't have the energy to load them up yet! We didn't get home from the concert until midnight!
Then on Friday, I was so busy getting things ready for the chicken-q, that I just didn't have time to exercise. Now you may find yourself wondering, "chicken-q", what did y'all do that for? Well, I'm so glad you asked! Steven is leading our church on a mission trip to Costa Rica this summer, (the first overseas mission trip for our church, Go God!) and we sold chicken plates to raise money. We sold almost 750 plates, yes you read that right, seven hundred and fifty! And those plates not only had chicken but green beans, potato salad, bread and a slice of cake. After cleaning all the chickens on Friday night and putting all those plates together on Saturday, it would be fine with me if I never see another chicken again!!!! But we raised over $3000 dollars to go towards the cost of this trip and we had 17 people who made a definite commitment today to go on this trip!!!
If the Lord brings us to your mind, please lift us up in prayer! Here are the names of the people who are going:
Steven, Cheryl, Kayla, Jenna, Anita, Matthew, Kelly, Benji, Penny, David, Aaron, Debbie W., Jordan, Debbie D., Lois, Tammy and Rachel.
Sorry this has been so scattered and probably hasn't made a bit of sense but I'm going right now to lay my head on the couch and have me a little "baptist hour."

Love Y'all!

One more thing, pray for Kelly (Fit Friday), she lives in the area that was hard hit by the tornados. Her family is ok, but many of their friends have been devasted by the storms.

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Nana said...

Cheryl, I wish I had known in time about the fund raiser. I would have loved to donated some of my pound cakes. Next time give me a heads up and i will bake some for you. I so enjoy you blog. Love ya, Mardell