Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun at the Farm

A few weeks ago, my cousin's son graduated from high school. It gave us the chance to see some family and spend some time at the farm. The ceremony was Sat. morning and was limited so we didn't attend but we hung out at the farm. Steven cut a little grass using the tractor and of course, Caleb had to ride along with him.
I love Caleb's expression, pure joy!

Asher didn't ride but he liked sitting with daddy on the tractor.

The graduation party was late on Saturday afternoon so we got some of the cousins together to swim at my aunt and uncle's house. They had an absolute blast.
The boys spent most of the time playing catch the ball as you jump off the diving board! Boys will be boys!Haven fell in love with Asher. She stayed by him during the whole party!

These are the wild boys!

Their birthdays range from 12/99 to 2/01 so they're all
very close in age and have a great time being together!

I just realized I didn't even get a picture of the graduate. oops!

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