Thursday, June 3, 2010

Helllllooooo Summer

Well Summer is here and we've been soooo lazy this week!

So let me catch you up on what's going on in our lives, I'm sure you're so excited.
Dougie finished his baseball season! They were 9 and 3! woo-hoo

Dougie was selected for All-Stars, so they've been practicing a lot to get ready. And although I've always vowed that I wouldn't let my child be sucked into the black hole that takes the lazy days of summer and morphs it into a baseball tournament (aka travel ball), we've given in this year. (I heard that! You just called me a sucka!) The coach promised that we would only play one tournament a month, and I'm going to hold him to it! :) Our travel team coach is also the coach for our All-Star team, which is really nice because he's holding off on tourneys until A.S. are done. whew!
Emma's getting ready for cheer leading camp. She's a little bummed because in years past they've attended camp in Jekyll Island. But this year they're going to a college in middle Ga.! :( My girl loves the beach as much as her momma but she can't complain, she's going to get to be at the beach 2 weeks straight in July. One week with her dad and the other with us!
Caleb and Asher are doing great. They are both growing so much. Caleb continues to crack us up with the things he says. Yesterday he told me he didn't feel well, when I asked what was wrong, he said, "my throat's coming back." Last week Steven was preaching a revival at the church where his brother is pastor. On the way to church one evening, Caleb said, "we have to go pass the bible to get there." Steven and I were completely stumped. When turning onto the street that the church was located on, Caleb pointed to the church's sign and said, "see, we have to go pass the bible." There was a bible on the church's sign!
Asher is crawling all over now. And more than once, we've had to do a house search to find him. He's pulling up on things to his knees but won't stand up yet. He finally has a 3rd tooth coming in. But the lack of teeth hasn't affected his eating habits. He gave up baby food several weeks ago. He's been very picking lately, and kind of fussy so I think he must be getting some more teeth.
I got a phone call today with some VERY exciting news (no, I'm not pregnant!) but I can't share just yet.
Hope you're enjoying your summer!
Eat some ice cream!!!

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