Tuesday, August 3, 2010

St. Augustine Light House

Sometime earlier this summer, Caleb began talking about light houses. I don't know where he learned about them but all he talked about was how fun it would be to go to the top of one.
Then when our beach plans had to be changed, one of the positives of St. Augustine was the light house. I was so looking forward to taking him to visit it.

We decided to go first thing in the morning to beat the heat. Emma, Dougie and Asher didn't join us. It was just Steven, Caleb, my sister Laura, b-i-l Phil, Chaz, Cole and myself.
Caleb was beyond excited as we saw this
We all walked in the gift shop, so excited about walking the 216 steps to the top of the light house. As Steven walked up to buy our tickets, the lady at the register informed us that there was a height restriction. Anyone who goes up the light house must be at least 44 inches tall.

As Caleb walked over to the measuring stick, my heart was sinking because I knew that he was no where near 44 inches tall. It took Steven explaining it to him before he understood. Notice that he even wore his stripped shirt because it looked like the light house! Poor baby! :(

Laura, Phil, Chaz and Cole went up and we went into the museum. This is them at the top. I don't have a very good zoom on my camera.After they came down, then Steven and I went up.
Once Steven and I came down, Caleb was pretty much over it. He and Chaz were playing and having a good time. They did give us a free pass to come back when he's taller but I think we'll make a trip to Tybee instead.

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Robin said...

We also went to the St. Augustine Lighthouse this summer on our trip back. We drove up to Effingham County on our free day during the SBC Convention. The lighthouse was closed, but still neat to see. I love lighthouses!