Monday, February 7, 2011

We're In!

Well, we got moved in and we've been settling into our new home. We already love it. Most of the boxes have been emptied, and it's really starting to feel like home.
Even though we're renting, the owners have given us permission to do any painting/changing to the house. So I took it as long as I could before something had to be done about the dining room and kitchen.
Here's the dining room before:
"Hello, this is 1992 and I want my wallpaper back." Just in case you didn't get the full effect of the zigzags.
And here is the after:

I took this picture at night and the lighting makes it look more gold than it really is. It really does match the valance that is hung up in the window. Here's a pic with all the furniture in the room. We're not using it as a dining room but more like an office. Excuse Steven's desk, he's been so busy, he hasn't had a chance to get it all put away. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the green carpet. Again, bad lighting, it really bugs me that it looks so gold.

Here's a pic of the kitchen before:Yes, you are looking at it correctly. The border ran around the base board and the wallpaper is on top of the chair rail. It bugged me, so I took down the border and painted the area below the chair rail. I left the wallpaper above because if you saw how much there was, you would completely agree! Here's the after:So that's all the DIY for now. My next project is to get our TWO pantries organized!
Love y'all dearly!!!

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Sheryl said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Congratulations on moving in!