Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pantry Makeover

I was so excited when we moved into our new house because it has, not one but two pantries. I had recently seen some blogs where others had done some amazing pantry makeovers so, of course, my mind was envisioning what mine would look like.

Well a few weeks after we moved in, here's what my 2 pantries looked like. This is the smaller of the 2. It's right in the kitchen so it makes sense to use it for food storage. Niiiiiice! See the box on the floor of the pantry? That's where all my spices and stuff were being kept. Nothing like having to dig through a box when you need some garlic powder!

And here's the larger pantry that I thought would be a good place to store small appliances, paper products, extra stuff. Not exactly how I envisioned it. Pretty sure the dangling cords are a safety hazard!
So after several hours of work, here's the reorganized pantries.

You're probably thinking, how much did you spend on containers?! Well I already had most of the plastic ones. And since I knew I wanted to organize the pantry, I'd been keeping my eyes out for some cheap ones. The glass containers w/the silver lids came from Dollar General. I found a set of 3 plastic containers at Wally World for $3.50 per set. The silver tins and glass jars on the door came from Goodwill. The tins had Christmas pictures on them so I just painted over them with some chalk paint. I already had the brown basket. I made the labels for the plastic containers on the computer and just taped them on. I'll probably have to use a stepstool to get anything off the top shelf, so I figured I'd just go ahead and stack the containers on top of each other. We did buy the door shelf at Home Depot & Steven hung it up for me.

Here's the other pantry:

This is pretty much how I envisioned this pantry. Steven & I have gotten in the habit of drinking instant coffee,(don't judge) so that's why the coffee pot is in there. Last summer we hosted a fish fry & Steven bought an abundance of peanut oil. Maybe by 2020, I'll have used it all up! Any suggestions on how/where to store the oversized grilling utensils would really be appreciated! Right now, they're hanging out on the second shelf. The tub holds napkins, plastic silverware, styrofoam cups, etc. I may end up moving my flour & sugar containers to this pantry, we'll see.

So there's my pantry, all clean and reorganized. Oh yeah, one more thing I had to add to my pantry:

because one little boy, who shall remain nameless, loves to get in there and help himself to a snack!
Love y'all dearly!

2 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Melanie said...

Love this!! Can you please come to my house and help ME?!?! :)

Btw, I have a lock like that on my refrigerator for my little sneaky guy


jenmom said...

I HAVE to get one of those pantry door thingys like yours, because a certain little girl at my house who turned two on Wednesday is constantly coming out of our pantry with her "nacks"!!!