Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm-a baaack!

If you have any form of Super Mario in your home, you've no doubt heard Luigi say,,"I'm-a baaack." Since Santa brought our Wii for Christmas, it was not long after New Year's that Asher picked up that phrase. He would just randomly say it, and we would all laugh and get a big kick out of it.
Well, today, Asher turned a corner.
This morning, Caleb was playing Mario in the Wii room (formerly known as Prince I mean, the formal living room.) He yells (as he does a 100x day), "Mom, Asher's pushing the buttons on the Wii TV!" So Steven walks in there to find out what's going on. He sees Asher trying to reach the other Wii remote that's on top of the tv. Caleb tells Steven that the batteries are dead in that remote, to which Steven realizes is the perfect solution. Asher can hold the remote, think he's playing and it won't mess up Caleb's game. As soon as his Daddy hands him the remote, Asher, triumphantly stands by Caleb, looks at his brother and yells, "I'm-a baaaack!"

Love y'all dearly!!!!

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Sheryl said...


That's a great story. Kids are so wonderful! They just make our day, don't they.