Saturday, June 18, 2011

Help da baby!

I shared this story with some family this weekend and realized that I hadn't blogged about it. And since it's something I definitely want to be able to tell Asher about, I better write it down!

Thanks to the picture info on my phone, I know that this took place on April 26th, 10 days after Asher's 2nd birthday. At this time, Asher wouldn't say his name but would refer to himself as baby.
So Asher had started a new game. He would throw his baseballs or any other kind of ball above the sofa and loved when they fell between the couch and the wall. There is enough space that he could crawl back there and retrieve his balls, just to do it all over again.
On this day, I was in the other room and I heard him crying. I came into the family room and I didn't see him but I heard him crying. When I called his name, he cried out, "I stuck!" When I realized he was behind the couch, I bent down and this is what I saw-

When I asked him if he was stuck, through his cries he said,
"Help da baby!"

And yes, I took the time to grab my phone and snap a picture. Just think, if I hadn't, I wouldn't know when this happened!

Love y'all dearly!

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