Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop growing....

Last night we had a first in our house.

Caleb and Dougie had made a plan that they were going to sleep together in Dougie's room. When it came time to go to bed, Asher was not too happy that his big & lil bubba were going to be together and he was by himself! So when I took Asher into his room, kicking & crying, I asked him if he wanted to sleep in lil bubba's (Caleb) bed. He immediately stopped crying and said, "eesss." So we put him in Caleb's bed and he slept there all night and didn't get up once! I snuck in this morning and snapped a picture using Steven's cell.

So I guess we'll be taking down the baby bed soon and moving one of Dougie's bunkbeds upstairs. ***sigh*** My baby's growing up!

Love y'all!

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