Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Ok, so today isn't an official birthday but today, Caleb is 18 months old. And as any mother of toddlers knows, 18 months is a big deal! Your baby is now officially entering toddlerhood and is rapidly approaching the terrible twos! The desire for independence is growing stronger by the minute yet the clinginess is enough to almost drive a mother mad! The vocabulary is astonishing but yet there are many words that only a mother can understand.

In honor of your 18 months on this earth, here are 18 things about you!

*You now weigh 24 lbs.
*You love to wrestle with Daddy and "brodher." (brother)
*You have the cutest smile that lights up a room.
* You LOVE to eat! Your first words each morning are either, "hungee" or "eat"
*You have a barney book that you call your "bibul." (Bible)
*You love to walk down stairs (holding mommy or daddy's hand) and with each step say, "big boy!"
*You don't really have a favorite food, one day you'll love something, the next you won't touch it! *No one can make you laugh like Emma!
*You say amen and the end of every prayer no matter who's praying!
*You love to put on your "chews" (shoes) but love even more taking them off in the van!
*You love and I mean love, to sing!!! Your favorite songs are "Na-Na" and "de-de" (Every Move I Make and Uncle Charlie's Deep Deep Down Down)
*You love to go to church and see "e'rbody."
*You really enjoy being outside with Jack (our dog) even though you don't like it when comes up to you.
*Your favorite shows are (and this is how you say them) "Elmo Word", "Wiiiiguls" and
"Pe-tales" (Veggie Tales)
Here are some funny things you say:
*"hamicher" (sandwich)
*"hairbrusher (hairbrush, thanks to veggietales)
*"ha-u-jah" (hallelujah) and you throw your hand in the air when you say it!!!
*You never meet a stranger. You smile at people in the grocery store. You wave at cars passing by. You say hello to anybody that walks by.
I have seen you melt the heart of the most angry looking people. I have seen brighten the day of a stranger with your sweet "hey." God reminds each and every day that you are not only a gift to your daddy and me but that your are a gift from God to each and every person you meet.
Welcome to toddlerhood, my sweet baby Caleb!
I love you,

5 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Mocha with Linda said...

What fun! Oh I miss those days! Such a sweet age.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I loved 18 months...

I must have..we went through it four times! :)

This is such a sweet'll be so glad you wrote all this down..


nickernoodle said...

That is a fun age!!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow! Spring has sprung at the 29:11 Promise! Love the bright and cheery look!

Alene said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing. Treasure each moment they go by way to quick. Blessings.