Saturday, March 22, 2008

Love Jesus, Love Starbucks

Anybody who knows me IRL (in real life), knows that I am addicted to love frappuccinos. Now let me give you a little disclaimer. Because of the rural part of Ga. that we live in, I can't just "swing" by and pick up a coffee. There is a S*bucks, 35 miles south of us and one north of us oh, about 50 miles away. The only way I can get my fix enjoy my frappuccinos is thanks to Fred's, cause they're they only place in town that sells those sweet little four-packs.
So I said all that to say, Caleb, my 18 month old, has never been to or even seen a S*bucks. The only thing he's ever known of S*bucks are the bottled ones I drink every morning while I'm meetin' with Jesus. And here lately, he walks up and points to it and I'll say, "That's mommy's coffee." To which he replies, "cawkee."

So yesterday, Steven Caleb and I drove north to the "big city" to do a little shopping and to mainly use a Longhorn gift card. (yummy!) As we were driving to Target, we passed a S*Bucks store and from the of the back of the van I think I hear a little voice say,


Surely not! I looked at Steven and asked him if he heard it. He said he wasn't sure what Caleb said. So I let it go.

We walk into Target, which has a S*Bucks in it and as we're putting Caleb in the buggy, he begins pointing and saying, "cawkee....cawkee.....cawkee!"

Y'all! My 18 month old saw this

and knew that it meant coffee!!!

I can't decide if he's a genius or if I've totally warped his mind by my addiction love for S*Bucks!
I know I'm suppose to train him up but I think this is going too far!

Love y'all,

4 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Mocha with Linda said...

That's so cute!!

But yeah, those advertising gurus know all about brand and logo recognition. And it starts really young. Why do you think McDonald's is such a success?

And I still remember some of the advertising jingles from my childhood!

BethAnne said...

I am so sorry you live so far away from Buck Bucks! Its a shame. We will call this "your time in the desert".

Michelle in Mx said...

Yup - these kiddos are smart ones ever! When play setting the table it's "dad drinks this and this is mommy's coffee'
Ops - I've got to run . . .I have the household sickies going on . .

Mel's World said...

Your kid is a stinkin' GENIUS girl!!! That HAS to go down in the Baby Book!!!