Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poor Baby!

We've been battling this cough, fever, sickness stuff for about the past 2 weeks. I, of course, came down with it last and had a "lighter" strand than everyone else (thank goodness.) Just when I thought we'd licked this thing, Caleb started running a slight fever last night. When we woke up this morning, Caleb was running a temp of 101 and I woke up with none other than PINK EYE! This came totally out of the blue and let's just pray that this doesn't do a tour through the family!!!
After I dropped the kids off at school, Caleb and I went directly to the pediatrician's office. I was going to go to my doctor (which is just across the street) after his visit.
When the doctor examined Caleb, he said he had fluid behind his ears and his tonsils looked gross, not sure if that's a medical term but it was good enough for me!
The dr. wanted to check Caleb's blood levels, so you know what that meant. The nurse had to prick his finger and draw blood. He was absolutely screaming but if he only knew what lay ahead!
Caleb's white cell count was extremely high so the doctor ordered a chest x-ray and urine sample. I never had given any thought to how one would take a urine sample from a 17 month old boy but now I know. I won't explain but it makes it doubly worse when the nurse doesn't attach the equipment correctly and it has to be done again!!!!
And we still had to do the chest x-ray!
It was miserable for Caleb and I both. Not only did he scream and cry, but I had to hold his head (in a very awkward position) and have him look at me with complete and utter horror in his eyes!! (There's a serious spiritual application that God taught me through all this but this post is long enough already!)
After all that, the chest x-ray and urine sample, came back normal so I guess he just has fluid-filled ears and yucky tonsils! One good thing that came from all this, our wonderful peditrician took one look at my eye and wrote me a prescription! God bless him, I sure wasn't up for sitting in another doctor's office today!
To add insult to injury, we took Caleb for a much needed haircut. Needless to say, I will never take him back to this barbershop! The barber went a little crazy with the razor. At one point, I almost screamed, "enough already, he's not shipping out tomorrow!" But at least it's just hair, it'll grow back!!!

4 thoughts from Y*O*U:

BethAnne said...

What a day! He still looks cute even with his "high and tight" haircut.
Even the words pink eye make me cringe. When I was a little girl, my great grandmother told me that when you look someone who has pink eye directly in the eye you will get it too (old wives tale I know ---NOW). To this day, when someone has pink eye, I dont look them in the eye at all. I know its crazy, but its true.

Michelle in Mx said...

Cheryl - you crack me up! And I don't even "know" you . . .
My pediatrician has ordered lead testing to be done on -I guessing - all her kids, so I have endured the horror of holding them down while they scream for your help from the needle holding evil ones . . . It's horrible!

Alene said...

The joys of being a mommy. I remember those days well. I hope he is feeling better today. You must know we well by the post you left - not feeling guilty. Those daily small changes if missed will not make me feel quilty; however, I have some big life goals and missing those oooeey - guilt!!! Blessings sweet mommy.

Terri said...

It's my first time to visit your blog, but won't be the last. Sorry ya'll have had sickness and stuff. Poor Caleb! What a day. I came because I saw you're a company girl, but then, saw you're in the blog party too. Cool! Come by and say Hi at my party if you have time.