Friday, November 6, 2009

Catching Up.......

Ok, I am so far behind but I'm going to try and catch up. I may even try to do a couple of post today, ambitious I know, but we'll see!
As I'm pretty sure you know, Dougie played his first season of football this year. It's a league for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Most teams play their 5th graders because they're bigger. Our team had only 4 5th graders. Our defensive team was 3 5th graders, 4 4th graders and 4 3 graders. So you can see that we had a very young team! I said all that to say, we didn't have a very good season. We won our very last game and that was our first win. But boy was it sweet!

To end the season, our team plays in a Jamboree. In one of the games at the jamboree, Dougie scored his first touchdown!!!! Woo-hooo! I just happened to be videoing some of the game and got it on video. I wish I could upload it here but then again, you probably don't want to hear me hoopin' and hollerin' in the background! :) Dougie was so cute after he crossed the goal line he turned and ran back out towards his teammates and had his arms spread wide with the ball in his hands. I told him he looked like Knowshon!
These pics are from the jamboree, it pretty much rained the whole time and it was freezing!!!

Dougie always stayed by the coaches while he was on the sideline!

I snapped this picture of Dougie in action, he made an awesome tackle! He was 1st team defense!

Dougie getting his trophy from the coaches at the awards banquet.
Even though it wasn't a winning season, Dougie really enjoyed it and I think it solidified his love for football. (He almost always sleeps with his football, don't tell him I told you!) And since our younger boys got alot of playing time this year, they will be even more ready for next season!

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