Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching up......

I'm going to catch up this blog today if it kills me!!
Back in October (is it really almost the end of November?!) we took the kids to the Fair. It was a perfect night, the weather was a little chilly but not enough to make you miserable. This was Caleb's first time going to the fair, I think. Well I know it was the first time that he understood that it was going to be F-U-N!!!
The night we went to the fair, it seemed like all of the kids from school were there, so Emma spent like the first 3 minutes with us and then she was gone! Dougie founds some buddies to ride with too. Emma's on the top row (that you can see) and far left.
Dougie is in the red car and one of his best buds is in the green. Caleb and Daddy on Caleb's favorite ride! And here's how Asher spent his time at the fair! The child can sleep through ANY-thing!

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