Saturday, November 21, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween at Emma and Dougie's school is a big deal. They have a school wide costume parade and it's amazing some of the costumes you see each year. This year Emma and 3 of her friends were Mt. Rushmore and Dougie was a vampire. I only got one picture of each of them. Here's the vampire but notice the kid behind Dougie? The one who looks like he's a face in a book? See what I mean about the creativity level of these costumes!?

Mt. Rushmore~
They won best costume for 6th grade but more importantly the candy bags!

On Halloween, we took Caleb and Asher to the FallFest that our city does. Emma and Dougie were at their dad's. At first, Caleb didn't want to dress up, he's not a fan of costumes but eventually he decided wanted to. Caleb was a little freaked out by everyone being in costumes but he eventually began having fun and really enjoyed getting candy.

Here they are before we went~
Asher is wearing the pumpkin outfit that has been worn by his sister and both his brothers, I think we'll retire it now!
Caleb tossing the bean bag and Asher just hanging out......
Ok, I think I've FINALLY caught up!

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