Friday, February 19, 2010

The Brady Bunch House

Being a child of the 70's, I grew up watching the Brady Bunch. I loved all the drama between the kids but I also loved their house! They had the coolest house, the open staircase, the orange kitchen, I just loved it all. Who knew that some 30 years later, I would live in a house that has some decorating that is leftover from the Brady Bunch era? Like I said earlier, we LOVE our home, it's just some of the wallpaper that is less than desirable. Be prepared for a LOT of pictures because how else can I show you how "Carol" decorated this house!
This is the half bath. The reflection in the mirror is of the laundry room. I don't know about you but I think it was sheer genius to put the half bath in the laundry room. I'm just sayin'.... Doesn't this wallpaper just make you start to sing, "Here's a story..."?
Emma's Bathroom, yes, that's a a bathroom.A close-up of her wall paper. The pattern is raised velvet. When we first moved in, I kept telling my mom about the felt wallpaper. When they came for a visit, she informed me that it was velvet, not felt. OH. Classy, that's my middle name. Anyway..... Emma's room- very dramatic with the faux window covering for the headboard. An interesting combination of peach and green. This is our closet, yes, another chandelier. The wallpaper is the same in our closet and bedroom. Please don't judge me about the burned out light bulbs, between the 8 chandeliers in this house, I'm doing my best to replace the light bulbs!! This closet is HUGE, it's more like a dressing room. To the left are 2 closets. The door ahead leads to our bath room. Have you ever?!?! This is the mirror and lights above our bathroom sink. Checkout that wallpaper! On to the dining room. Again more felt velvet wallpaper. This picture doesn't really do it justice, I wish you could see it in person! Now, hold onto your horses or hats or whatever because I've saved the most unbelievable for last! The boys' bedrooms are plain, no wallpaper, just beige walls. Which leads me to believe, that the previous owners made those changes because who would have left a room beige when you see what they did to the closet and bathroom!
This is the closet, again, huge and more of a dressing room! Again, my picture doesn't give you the full effect of the jungle green and gold shimmery wallpaper, that is not only on the walls but on the ceiling as well!!! There are built in shelves and drawers, that you can see in the corner. It's so much room that Dougie doesn't even have to put his clothes in his dresser! The boys' bathroom is to the left and when you walk in this is what you see~ Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, check out those groovy stripes! It just makes me chuckle every time I go into that bathroom!
Well, I think I've shown you enough. But one last pic, here's our absolute favorite thing about this house~

Y'all have a great weekend! I just deleted my signature thingy.
Love Y'all,
btw, It wasn't my choice to have the animals on the mantle. It's all about compromise!

11 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Nana said...

LOL, heeeee, Cheryl it reminds me of Sandalwood Apartments. Same wallpaper. Gota love it.

Amanda Jo said...

That home is AWESOME! I've never seen decor like that before! I'm glad you all found a good home that works for you...despite the raised velvet wallpaper.

twinkle said...

So so...colorful!


You should keep it that way in case they ever need a house to film another remake...

Really, though, I've had that kind of wallpaper before in a home we bought in the 80s and it is the devil to remove. I have NO love for wallpaper anymore.

jenmom said...

"And one day when this lady met this fellow, they knew it was much more than a..." Oh my!
Do you have to take something for a headache every day?

Shaunta said...

Came over from Down on the Farm. Cracked up because I am watching THe Brady Bunch Movie right now. You certainly don't see wallpaper like that anymore, but I have to say, I kinda like the green stripes!

Mindy said...

So ---just one question ---Is it a parsonage? ;)

Thena said...

WOW!!! I thought the wallpaper in the house we bought two years ago was out there. But yours definetly has it beat. Ours was only from the 70's. Yours goes further back than that. LOL Definetly wake you up in the morning.
Have a blessed weekend!!!

Robin said...

Wow Cheryl!!! You have the COOLEST house in town!! You know that the teenagers would LOVE it! One thing is for sure, you or your kids will never forget living there. You can always look back on your memories there and have a good laugh. Be sure to get lots of pictures of them there! Is this in Millen? I can't wait to show Jeff. He will get a kick out of it! Love you, girl!

Amber said...

I totally thought the same question as it a parsonage?
I LOVE all the chandeliers. I totally think the raised velvet is WAY COOL. :) Ive just never seen anything like it!

Rachael. said...

Oh my lands! Do you realize that some of that wallpaper is now the "in" thing and people are paying like $40 a roll for it!

Love it!

Anonymous said...

First of all, love the house. Some of that is actually in style (in a retro sort of way.)

I arrived here from the Preacher's Wife book discussion. I read your comment and wanted to say thanks for sharing. It can be hard to be in the ministry from a blended family, but yet you are who you are in Christ and you are serving our great Lord so faithfully.