Friday, February 5, 2010

Life According to Caleb....

Sometimes, while uploading pictures, I'll come across some that weren't taken by me. Since the perspective of the picture looks like it was taken by someone who is about 36 inches tall, one can assume that Caleb got the camera and took some pictures. Or maybe out of desperation, it was given to him so that he can entertain himself, but whatever. It always makes me laugh to see what he captures, so I thought I'd share a few with you.
Most of the time, Asher is the subject of his photos. From Asher's look, he's a little scared.
Me feeding Asher. Obviously, he didn't want Asher in the picture. This may or may not have been one of those times when he had permission to use the camera.
Close up of Asher eating and I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "Dude, personal space...."

Trying to stretch his skillz as a photographer......still art, except the photographer couldn't be still because..............

Daddy's coming to take the camera away. Pretty sure this is one of those times he didn't have permission!

Saving the best for last. This is my all time favorite picture that Caleb has taken~
"Bo-Feet" that's Calebese for barefeet!
Happy Friday!
Love y'all dearly,

4 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Susan and Lee said...

those are awesome Cheryl and made my day!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Bo it..:)

Sheryl said...

Love it!

Jennifer said...

hahaha He has great skills. He should think of photography as a future career option. :)