Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

On the Saturday before Easter, the church where Steven was serving as interim, had an egg hunt. Caleb really understood the concept this year except for one thing. You see, Caleb's favorite color is dark blue. Not blue, light blue or any other shade, just dark blue. He's quite obsessive about it and when he began hunting for eggs, he walked right past any egg that wasn't dark blue. I finally convinced him by telling him that they all had candy in them! As you can tell from the pictures, it was sweltering! Gotta love South Ga., we skip right over spring and go straight to summer! (Except now this week, it's back to 60's and 70's!)

Here's what Asher did pretty much the whole time at the egg hunt.

Since Steven finished his interim position at the church, we were free to attend Easter services with his family. We had a great time and it was really nice to get to be with extended family on Easter Sunday. That's a draw back to being in the ministry and living several hours away from family. It would have been even better if Emma and Dougie were with us.
Here's some pictures of Caleb and Asher before church.
Asher was distracted by Jack, our dog.
After church, at my in-laws house.
This picture cracks me up! Caleb has had enough!
This last picture has nothing to do with Easter, I found it when I was downloading the pictures from my camera. This is from one of those times when I let Caleb exercise his photography skillz!
For some reason when I look at this photo, I keep thinking, "Good grief, Charlie Brown!"

The week after Easter was Spring break so we loaded up the van and headed to my mom and dad's. We spend all week with them. We ate good food, slept in, watched some great movies, visited with family, ate some more great food, the kids camped, some had pink eye, some shopped others fished, celebrated a 1st birthday, ate again, and basically had a super time! It went by waaaaay to fast. We came back home because get what started Saturday? BASEBALL!!! More about that and the 1st birthday celebration later!

2 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Mindy said...

YEP! That is definately one of the draw backs of ministry. I definately miss being with family on Easter and Christmas Eve......=)
Glad you got to share it with family for once.
in HIM-

Thena said...

Great pictures. I totally agree the weather this week has been wonderful. IF only it could stay this way.