Friday, April 16, 2010

One Year Old!!!!

One Year check up:
weight- 21.1 lbs.
height- 28 3/4 in.
head- 18 3/4 in.

Today, Asher is one year old. On one hand, I can't believe it's already been a year since his arrival but on the other, I can't really remember life without him. Since we were at my parents' last week, we decided to go ahead and have a birthday party. When we started opening his presents, he was so taken with the birthday cards, he would just look and them and laugh. It was so cute.
Grandma made the birthday cake. Asher must really be special because none of his brothers or sister had a homemade 1st birthday cake! When we put it in front of him, he wasn't sure what to do with it.
He started by just picking off the sprinkles.

Then Aunt Dusty, showed him how to smash his hands in the cake. Then he decided to share some with her.

It was a great birthday party!
We go for your one year check up next week, so I don't have all your statistics.

One thing I do know, you're still not crawling!!! You're getting closer, but you just won't move! But other than that, you have met all your other milestones. We're started weaning you off formula, thank goodness! You still eat baby food but you are quickly getting tired of it. We're trying more table food but it's a little challenging because you only have your two bottom teeth. You love to eat cheerios!

Your personality is so easy going. You will let just about anybody hold, even strangers. You smile, laugh and babble all the time. You can say mama, dada, du-dee(Dougie) and e-MA. But you love to tease her and you won't say it when she asks you to.
I know I've said this so many times but we truly couldn't have chosen a better time for you, you are a blessing to our family.
And like I tell you everyday, I love you so much I can hardly stand it!

This doesn't have anything to do with your birthday but this afternoon, you were sitting on the floor, playing and drinking your bottle. Daddy, Caleb and I were just doing things around the house. I looked in the living room to see what you were doing and this is what I saw:
So stinkin' cute!!!!!

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Susan and Lee said...

oh Cheryl, he is so cute! That video made me laugh outloud. HAppy birthday to Asher.