Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yabba Dabba Doo...I'm 2!

It's hard to believe that this past Saturday, Asher turned 2! Remember way back when, I found out I was pregnant and this happened? And then remember how Asher decided to make things difficult as he entered into the world? Where has the time gone?

At 2 yrs old, you weigh about 26 lbs and I have know idea how tall you are because you won't stand still long enough for me to measure you.

You define the saying, "all boy." No one has ever had to force you to throw a ball. You love any kind of ball! Earlier this year, we were visiting Grandma & Paps and you, Paps & Max played basketball together. From that moment, you have associated basketball with Max & you renamed him, "Max-ball." It's so cute, that pretty much everyone in our family calls him that now!
You also gave your cousin Mia a new name too! When "baby Duuz" (Cruz) was born, you started calling her MiMi. I wish I could type the inflection in your voice when you say it. I guess it comes out like "ME!ME!"
Your vocabulary is coming along slowly but surely. Some of the funny things you say are~
Yabba-bla-bla-bla- you're trying to imitate Caleb & say Yabba Dabba Do
lelow- yellow. To you, any color is yellow & you also call any writing utensil a "lelow."
lelow truck- any car or truck that we see on the road is a lelow truck
wack wack- is your name for a duck. In fact, for all animals (that you know), you only say their sound not the name of the animal.
apple- any fruit. But the funny thing is that you and Daddy have an ongoing game between what's an apple & an orange. You are so into this little game, that when we showed you an orange crayon, you said, "it's not orange, it's apple!"

Just a couple of mornings ago, we could see the moon out one window and out the other window, we could see the sun coming up. You love to see the moon & you pointed it out to me. Then you looked out the other window and said, "look Momma, it's lelow moon!" And there was no convincing you that it's the sun, to you it's the lelow moon!

While we were at the farm, you slept on an air mattress with Chaz & Caleb. You still sleep in your baby bed at home, so you didn't do too good the 1st night. Aunt Laura found you like this:

Your two best friends- dog and baby
You love to read, especially the choo-choo train book!

Like I said earlier, you love to play with any kind of ball but you have such a love for baseball. It's amazing how this seems to be so ingrained in you. Here's a video of you hitting the baseball off the tee. When you swing, you hold your hands as if you're going to bat left handed but then you bring the bat around and hit right handed. I've tried to get you to switch your hands on the bat but in true Asher fashion, you want to do it your way! You also step into your swing and hike your leg when you throw the ball. It's pretty amazing because we've never shown you how to do that!

Untitled from Cheryl A on Vimeo.

Asher, we love you so much. Life with you is fun and challenging. You make us laugh and sometimes you make us feel like crying! But I wouldn't change anything. You are a blessing! We love you so much!

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