Monday, April 20, 2009

Asher's Arrival.....

As you all know by now, Asher arrived April 16th. He is healthy and beautiful! But his arrival didn't go exactly as we had planned.....little rascal!
We arrived at the hospital at 6am to find that there were so many women giving birth, they were literally out of nurses! By the time they started my IV at 7am, I had already seen 3 different nurses. Finally, they assigned us a nurse and they began the pitocin. My Dr. came by around 7:45, examined me and broke my water. She said that Asher was in the proper position and that his head was still a little high but that would change pretty quickly. She told me that whenever I was ready for the epidural, just to let the nurse know.
My contractions were coming pretty regularly but the pain wasn't too bad and I was about 4 cm. dilated. I remember looking at the clock and it was 8:20 and I was thinking, "at 9, I'll tell the nurse that I'm ready for the epidural." Just a minute or so later, the nurse said, "Let's lay you on your side, because your baby isn't happy during your contractions." Now I've watched enough TLC shows to know this is code for your baby's heart rate is dropping during each contraction. At the same time I hear Steven on the phone with my parents and as he hangs up he says, "everything is going fine." Famous last words.
A few moments later, another nurse sticks her head in the door and asks my nurse if everything is ok and says something like, "because it's been so busy this morning." Which I knew immediately was a cover up, something was causing this other nurse to check in on us. She then comes in and I immediately look at her name tag, her title, "Charge Nurse." I knew. Both nurses began talking and watching the monitors, they have me flip to the other side and then I hear the charge nurse say, "I think her doctor is still on the floor, why don't you page her."
By 8:45, my Dr. is back in the room. She performs another exam and without sharing details, let me just tell you I hope I never have to experience that again. Somehow, Asher's umbilical cord had gotten above his head and with every contraction, as he was descending, his head was pressing against the cord and cutting off his blood supply. Not only that, she felt his little hand by his head and he was holding onto the umbilical cord! My Dr. looked at Steven and said, "We're going to do a c-section and I mean emergency. We have got to get this baby out now!"

The next thing I know, the nurse is having me sign a form to do the c-section, there are about 50 people swarming around me. The anesthesiologist magically appears and begans saying something about spinal block if there's time, if not we'll put you to sleep. I'm crying by this point, trying to find Steven. He's calling my parents whom he had just told everything is fine and telling them they're doing an emergency c-section. When he hangs up, I tell him, "call somebody and tell them to pray." From what I've been told, word spread like crazy and people were lifting us up! Thank you Jesus!

They took me into the OR, the spinal block worked, and at 9:13 am, Asher Jordan was born.

Whew!! I still can't believe how quickly everything happened but I praise God that everything worked out. And even though it wasn't in my plans to have Asher delivered this way, God was in control and knew what was best for Asher.

12 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Becky said...

Aw, he's beautiful, Cheryl!

-Your old neighbor Becky

TheDPGang said...

He is just precious. Hope you are doing well.

sara said...

he's gorgeous!! So glad all went well. praying for your recovery time!

Susan and Lee said...

Wow Cheryl! I thought you had him vaginally since you came home pretty quick, didn't you? glad you and Asher are doing well,. He is beautiful. Gina had Joshua on Friday and we went to see them yesterday. I loved Emma's post by the way! very sweet and what a grown up little girl

Mindy said...

Whew! That is quite a story. Glad everyone is here and everone is ok!


Nana said...

Cheryl, I believe some of your last words (4/16) on your blog before you left for the hospital were "I sure hope he comes quickly". Well, he did!
How little did you know when you made that statement.
Love you all.

Fran said...

Precious Cheryl...I'm so glad that everything was ok with you and that sweet little guy. Something tells me he's going to be exciting and unpredictable!!!

Love ya girl,

Melinda said...

Hello sweet friend...your little man is BEAUTIFUL! So thankful that he made it here just fine, if not in the most predictable manner.

Blessings on you and your wonderful family!

XO Melinda

twinkle said...

Thank GOD your Charge Nurse and your doctor responded quickly to this need, Cheryl!
And don't you just love those drug doctors that numb you up! Worth every dime...and glad you could go with the spinal block.

Take good care of yourself. I'll just bet Steven hasn't recovered from the scare you put him through with this little rascal.

Love his name :)

Thank You, LORD, for this happy ending. Bring healing and blessings to this family. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Amanda Jo said...

I am so thankful everything worked out so well! The Lord is SO GOOD and little Asher is a cutie!


Natalie said...

So glad EVERYONE was safe and healthy...including the momma!

Nana said...

Cheryl, it is time for updated pictures of Asher. I know he changes everyday and I want to see him.
Hope you are recovering well. Love ya.