Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A first......

Today I attempted to pickle some okra. The okra came from my dad's garden. This is my first attempt at pickling/canning anything. I bought the jars, pickling salt, garlic and dill. The recipe called for dried red peppers but I substituted some banana peppers, which also came from my dad's garden. I didn't want the okra to be real spicy so I thought the banana peppers would add a good flavor. Of course I won't know how they taste for a couple of weeks. The jars sealed properly so I think I did everything right.

Except I did make one booboo. As I was mixing the ingredients, for some reason instead of using the pickling salt, I used sea salt. I don't know what I was thinking. I even had the box of pickling salt sitting on the counter where I was working! Sometimes I can be so ditzy!

Anyway, I already had the jars in the 'bath' when I realized my mistake so I googled, "can I use sea salt in place of pickling salt when canning?"

The answer I saw on several sites, stated that "you may see a slight discoloration in your food but other than that, it shouldn't be a problem."


So in couple of weeks, hopefully we'll have some slightly discolored but tasty pickled okra.

Love Y'all!

5 thoughts from Y*O*U:

mom said...

I am so proud of you girl. So what if they turn brown, purple, orange whatever they will still taste great! Emma will be thrilled,she will eat it no matter what color. You get an A for trying and succeeding !! GG's proud of you too!

Nana said...

I love pickled okra. My mom used to make those all the time. They are so good with beans and cornbread. Way to go Girl!

nickernoodle said...

I have never had Okra before. Hope it all turns out ok for you! I had a HUGE garden when I lived in the country but now that we are back in town, I have no room for a garden. I do miss it but honestly don't know when I would have time to do the up-keep on one these days!

sara said...

you did good!!! I love to can, especially seeing the end results!

Together We Save said...

I am not a pickled okra fan but I have wonderful memories of my great aunt making some.