Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Treasure Hunting.......

I have been such a terrible blogger lately and didn't even realize how bad I've been until I was flipping through the pics on my camera and realized ALL the things I need to blog about. I've at least uploaded the pics and hopefully will get them here soon but I've been sidetracked by a challenge......

Lisa, The Preacher's Wife, has suggested a scavenger hunt for the minister's wives on her M2M blogroll. It will be a fun way to get to know each other and since it's a scavenger hunt, there is a prize involved. And since I've been known to be a wee bit competitive, ok lots, I really want to win!

So if you're not here for the scavenger hunt, just enjoy this post (or not) and we will return to our regularly scheduled blog posts after I beat, I mean, meet the other pastor's wives. ;~)

The Treasures

1. First Name. Cheryl

2. State and Country of Residence. Ga., USA

3. Husband’s Ministry Title. Pastor

4. Length of time in Current Ministry Location. {IMPORTANT: There are several of you who may not be in a current ‘official’ pastorate/ministry, etc. That makes you no less a minister’s wife! You play along, girlfriends, and let us pray for you!}
We resigned this past August from our current church. We were there for 4 years.

5. Children? If yes, give gender and ages.
girl- 11 although she would say 12 in 25 more days.
boy 1- 9 yrs. old
boy 2- 3 yrs. old
boy 3- 6 months

6. Number of unique homes in which you’ve lived during your marriage.
Just one! We were married in 2005. Now if you're new here, after reading the previous question, you're probably thinking, huh? The 2 older kids are mine from a previous marriage. Like Lisa, I am NOT the typical pastor's wife!

7. Cook Sunday lunch or eat out? Over the past year or so, we would eat lunch with a dear family either at their home or we would all go out. I soooo miss our Sunday lunches with them. :(

8. Typically on time for Sunday School or not? typically on time.

9. Favorite TV Show. LOST but I also love HGTV, Food Network, TLC. Don't really watch alot of network shows. Just realized that I named a bunch of channels, not really shows, oh well!

10. Something you watch/like/do that you would never tell the church people. (Except now you just did…lol) I really like chewing tobacco....I'M JUST KIDDING!!!!!

11. Most annoying church-related pet peeve. People who don't tithe. *gasp* oh yes, I just did!

12. One thing you need to throw away but can’t bring yourself to do it. my husband's many boxes of cassette tapes from other preachers. Wait, I have tried to throw those out, he just keeps catching me!!! There are very few things that I hold onto that would make you say, "you really should just throw it away." I'm the one usually making that statement.

13. The one food you can not live without. chocolate, preferably dark

14. Parsonage or have your own home? parsonage at least til the first of the year, after that...?

15. Freak when the doorbell rings or always ready for a visitor? well somebody stopped by the other day and they caught me still in my pj pants and a tshirt and no makeup. I told her, "come on in, we're still in our pj's around here, the house is a mess but oh well!" She came in for a few minutes and we had a good visit. The best piece of advice I got before I married my preacher husband was, "Cheryl, you just have to be yourself. You can't try to be something or someone you're not." And that's what I do!

If you're a Pastor's wife, or if you're not, and you struggle with people placing their expectations on you, remember this verse (it only reads like this in the KJV):

"My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him." Psalm 62:5 (KJV)

Thanks for stopping by and don't feel bad about losing the cookbook, I'll post about all the great recipes that I'll be cooking for my family! ............just kidding, y'all!

Love y'all dearly!

19 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Kelly said...

LOL You're funny, but I'm winning the cookbook! JK You cracked me up on #11. As for the cassette tapes, piece of advice....find a GOOD friend, give them to her and let her do away with them. LOL I seriously did that for a friend. Her hubby had a huge box of Southern Gospel cassettes. She asked me to throw them away, just so she could say she didn't know what happened to them.

Sisters said...

I don't know what you're talking about! I plan on winning both of the cookbooks!!
And we not only have boxes of cassette tapes but now cd's as well. Such fun!

Mariah said...

Dark Chocolate!!! I hear ya girl. None of that milk chocolate for me. But seriously, how can you use the cookbook in GA when they will be in TX. I'm just sayin'.

Thena said...

Yes it has been a while since you blogged. I'm not here for the scavenger hunt but it sounds like alot of fun. Your answer to #11, I don't even want to get started on that one. I told my husband the other day I wanted a job so I could pay tithes, he can't seem to understand that's why we can't get all of our bills paid. Seen it happen too many times, money goes further when you pay your tithes FIRST. Okay, I'm done for now. Have a blessed week!!!

tonya said...

Oh, I love that you welcomed a visitor into your real life...You are my hero! You've seriously given me something to think about & deal with!!

Glad to find you...I'll be back!

rachel said...

You can't go wrong with HGTV! :)

Jennifer said...

Cheryl, you are so funny. I'm not a pastors wife, but I still enjoyed reading this post. Can't wait to see you guys on Thanksgivinv!

Donna @ Thirsty? said...

Haha chewing tobacco, LOL wish I thought of that! :) thanks for the smiles!

Cathy said...

Thanks for #15. I needed that.

Homemomma said...

I am with you on the non tithers!! Really dislike that, I mean helloooo! Thanks for keeping it real...

Mary Beth said...

I love your blog layout. So cute. Mine needs help!!!

I love your story and your pics... and I am not winning the cookbook... it really wouldn't do me any good. Culinarily Challenged, I am! My 14 year old daughter would love it though!

SO great to meet you.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Ha! I'm like you, more of a network watcher than a show watcher. Except for Lost. Can't WAIT til it comes back on!!

Fiona said...

Yes, we have a box of cassette tapes too with talks on them!!

tonya said...

Hey Cheryl, thanks for visiting my little neck of the blog woods! I think it would be SO fun to meet up sometime. We lived in Greenwood for 3 years so we really were just a hop, skip, & a jump from you! We're still not too far away. Let me know when you want to try to get together!

tonya said...

Hey Cheryl, thanks for visiting my little neck of the blog woods! I think it would be SO fun to meet up sometime. We lived in Greenwood for 3 years so we really were just a hop, skip, & a jump from you! We're still not too far away. Let me know when you want to try to get together!

Rachael. said...

Where in Georgia are you ? You can email me @ if you don't want to post it.

We just moved here this week! Crazy!!

patty said...

I saw that you wrote on someone else's blog that you live in Augusta. That's where we are from! We come there often (especially to eat at Sconyers-yummy!), maybe we can meet sometime.

Linda said...

You are too funny! The chewing tobacco comment made me laugh out loud almost causing a mess of Diet Coke on my laptop. You and I would get along so well.

Melody said...

I am cracking up at the tobacco comment! We are about to move to Reidsvill, NC...tobacco country from what I if you ever want to come and get a fix just let me know and I'll hook ya up! HA! I'm kidding.