Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in ATL 2009

It seems like every Christmas, we spend some time trying to remember what we did the year before. When did we go to your mom's, did we go to the farm and so on. So this year, for my benefit and to your dismay, I'm going to record exactly what we did, so next year I can look back and not have to strain my brain to remember!
This year, we had Emma and Dougie the first half of Christmas, so we did A LOT of visiting from the time they got out of school until Christmas Eve. On the Monday before Christmas, we loaded up the van and headed to Atlanta to visit my side of the family. We got their by lunch time and had a great time just hanging out and letting all the cousins play together.
On Tuesday, the girls went and did something special together(see this post) and the boys stayed at Grandma and Paps'. I hear they did a little hunting and even caught 2 5lb. bass! Too bad I wasn't there to take any pictures but the fish is in my freezer ready to be cooked, so I know they really did catch something!!!
On Tuesday night, my family gathered at my parents house for dinner and gift giving. In attendance was my mom and dad, my brother and SIL and their 2 kids, my older sis and BIL and their son and my younger sis and of course my family of 6! Added all together, there are 16 of us! The kids had so much fun getting tons of gifts from Grandma and Paps and giving gifts to each other. Here are some pics from our time there:
Mia and Emma, Best Cousins waiting to open the presents!

Parents lingering around the dinner table!
Chaz and Caleb opening their gifts!
Dougie's favorite gift, a Dodgers sweatshirt. Dougie's 1st grade teacher is Jonathon Broxton's mother in law, so lots of people in our area are big Dodger fans! Don't you love how Emma strategically placed her gift?

Asher and Aunt Laura. Notice how she has her hand behind her back? Asher kept trying to grab her cup of eggnog!On Wednesday, we packed up and headed home. We were sad to leave because we love hanging out with our family. We know that we are so blessed and we can't wait until we get to be together again!

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