Monday, January 28, 2008

Jackson Hole 2008

Well it's Monday morning, and it's hard to believe that our trip has come and gone. We had such a great time. Someone asked me yesterday if we had fun and I said fun doesn't even describe it!
Here are some highlights:
*Watching Emma and Dougie learning to ski again. They were pros after the first hour!
*Getting to spend time with my family.
*Me busting it while trying to follow Emma and Mia on a ski trail. Laura and Skye were at least inpressed with my spunk!
*Snow ice cream.
*Seeing how Caleb fell in love with his Grandma and Paps.
*Uncle Garry's chili.
*Me, Steven, Mom, Dad, Dusty, Emma and Mia singing Row, Row, Row your boat in rounds. All for Caleb's entertainment after a day of sight seeing in the car!
*Coming across a bridge and getting to see 2 moose playing in the water!!!!! So cool!
*Little Debbie brownies.
*Singing "O Christmas Tree" with Dougie while riding up the ski lift.
*Changing the word dinosaur to 'sinasaur' thanks to Chaz.
*Drinking hot chocolate coming down from the top of the mountain.
*Finally making it down (without falling) the trails behind Emma and Mia!
*Steven and Paps singing some old, old songs! Something about a hole in the bottom of the sea.
*Buying Laura and myself a Starbucks!
*Realizing how much I love to ski!!!!!!!!
*Praising God at the top of the mountain (I was actually only at the top of the green slopes but it looked and felt like the top to me!) for His amazing creation!

Here's a slideshow. Get ready, there are a lot of pictures! Below the pistures is a video of Max and Emma. Max is in the orange and Emma is in the blue. Enjoy!

2 thoughts from Y*O*U:

nickernoodle said...

Looks like fun! I never learned how to ski. Always looked like to much work for me! Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. So glad you had a great time. Great pictures.