Thursday, January 31, 2008

Land of the LOST!!!!!!

When it comes to watching television, there aren't many shows that I "have to watch." American Idol, take it or leave it. coniving for me, Dancing with the Stars.......I just don't get it?
But when it comes to LOST, I can't miss an episode! Not because I would be lost in the storyline if I missed it (because I would!) but because I love it! There are so many twists and turns, it keeps me constantly guessing and I love that!
I was thrilled when it went from 9pm on Wed. to 10pm. because Steven was barely home by 9 and trying to catch him up on the first 15 minutes when I was trying to figure it myself was a challenge! But now no more, it's on thankful Thursday and boy am I thankful!!!

Emma has practice tonight at 7pm but I have a feeling she'll be leaving a few minutes early!!

5 thoughts from Y*O*U:

nickernoodle said... I never watched this show but I am a huge DWTS fan and understand where you are coming from. Glad its at a better time for you!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I keep hearing so much about this. I may just have to check it out tonight! Thanks for entering my contest!

Mocha with Linda said...

You too?

I'm really feeling out of the loop!

little ms. notetaker said...

Solidarity sister! LOST is really the only thing I watch on TV. I resisted for two years, but then got tricked into watching the DVDs and now I'm hooked. Can't wait for tonight!


PS--I'm one of Angie's (at Flibbertigibberish). Stumbled into your blog from there and could not help myself from commenting.

PS2--I just can't wait to find out who was in the coffin in the flash forward in the Season 3 finale, but those rascally writers are going to make us wait until the very very end, I just know it!

Angie said...

Oh! I love LOST. Love it. I looked forward to it all week, all day yesterday, and although I had to record it, I knew that Gary would be excited to watch it with me, despite getting home at 10. But NOOOOO... he said his brain was too tired to watch LOST! And now I have to wait until TOMORROW! (okay, deep breath...)

So don't put any spoilers up until I can watch it. :) Just kidding. I'm glad you're a LOST junkie too so we can dish. ;)