Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Recap- this is going to be long!

Ok, I realize I'm kind of late but for all 2 of you who actually care what we did over the holidays I'm going to recap anyway!
We celebrated Christmas with Steven's family on Christmas Eve day. Emma and Dougie were with their dad so they didn't get to go with us. We had some great bbq, Brunswick stew and had a great time hanging out. If this family keeps growing, I don't know how we'll fit into Grandmomma and Grandaddy's house!

We came back for our Christmas Eve service at church and then Emma and Dougie came home later that evening. Instead of leaving cookies for Santa, we left him some oreo truffles, which he greatly appreciated. He even said so in the note he left the kids. After we got the sweets and milk ready, Emma and Dougie said they had something else to leave for Santa. Unbenownst to me, (did I just really use that word?) they had made thank you cards for Santa and Dougie's even wished him a safe trip! Santa was VERY impressed with that too!

After opening presents and eating breakfast, we loaded up the truck and moved to, sorry, the van and headed to my mom and dad's in ATL. We spent the afternoon hanging out with my immediate family and then later in the evening we went to my aunt's house to see some other family. It was a busy day but definitely worth the effort!

On Friday, my parents, my brother and his family headed down to south Ga. to spend a few days at my grandparents farm. Emma and Dougie went with them but Steven, Caleb and I stayed in ATL. Since Steven took the last Sunday as a vacation day, we wanted to attend FBCW on Sunday. Even though Pastor Johnny didn't preach it was a great service and we got to see lots of friends!
On Monday, we joined the rest of my family at the farm. The weather was warm, so the boys did a lot of hunting. Dougie has discovered the fun of squirrel hunting. He actually wanted me to cook the ones they shot but I told him he could forget it!

Here's some pictures of Dougie and Max doing some target shooting on New Year's Eve day.

Now here's Emma shooting. Yes, she's in her pj's and barefooted but maybe that's the trick.....

because she got closer to the bullseye than either of the boys!

All of my family left the farm that day, so we rang in the New Year by taking Emma, Dougie, Caleb and Jessi (another cousin) to Burger King. We couldn't watch the ball drop on tv because at the farm you only get 1 channel and believe me PBS is not something you really want to watch on New Year's Eve. So we spent the evening playing Phase 10 and watched the time on my cell phone!
Right after it turned midnight, Emma and Dougie shared their resolution. They said that they weren't going to argue with each other. I kid you not, at 12:04 am they were arguing!!! We played cards til 1am and the kids finally went to bed. Caleb gave it up about 11pm.

The next morning we lounged for a little bit......

I was desperately trying to finish Twilight, yes I've been sucked in. (sorry I couldn't resist!)
We came home, watched lots of football over the weekend and are getting ready to get back into a routine tomorrow!

We had a blessed Christmas season!

6 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Mindy said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas season!
And look how cute you are!


BethAnne said...

Look at you all pregnant and cute! Cook squirrel meat? You did the right thing by refusing. ;-)

Natalie said...

Whew! I'm tired after reading all that. I love how they made thank you cards for Santa. I think it's so important to teach that early!

Did you ever get your ornament? I just want to make sure in case I need to call Haley about it.

Jennifer said...

Awww that sounds like fun, esp the part about Christmas Eve at Grandmama's :)...I see myself in the pic haha...I'm glad y'all had a good Christmas season! I miss all of you already!

Kaylan said...

I'm so proud of Emma's shot! That's quite impressive for my beautiful 11 yr old cousin!

I love that in the picture of you you're almost finished with Twilight already!! haha, So lad I gave you so reading material!

Love you and miss y'all allll the time!

Becoming Me said...

Awesome photos and you look so cute pregnant!