Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve and Day 2009

The years when Emma and Dougie have to leave us on Christmas Eve, Santa always makes an early visit to our house. And this year was no different! We awoke Christmas Eve morning and Santa had left lots of toys and goodies for Emma, Dougie, Caleb and Asher! I took more video than pictures, which I'm sure you're glad after the picture overload in my previous post!
Caleb opening his gift from his brothers and sister........

Dougie helping Asher open his gift. A baby photo album, now he has one just like his brothers and sister had when they were babies! You can see Dougie wearing his favorite gift, a North Face!

Dougie insisted on taking a picture of me!

I don't know how I managed to miss getting any pictures of Emma. But you can see her hair in the picture of Caleb playing Gator Golf, so she really was there!
The big things that the kids got were:
Emma- an ipod dock and a coat for church
Dougie- North Face jacket and an air soft gun
Caleb- drums and moon sand (you'll see a video soon, I promise!)
Asher- a ball popper toy
After we ate a yummy(if I do say so myself!) breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits, we loaded up the van(again) and headed to Steven's family. I can't even begin to name all the people who were there, well I could but it would take forever, just know it's A LOT of people. We ate a wonderful lunch and exchanged gifts. Then we spent the afternoon just hanging out, watching tv, playing cards and eating some more! Unfortunately, I forgot to take some pictures until we were ready to leave. But at least we got a family picture!

After leaving my in-laws, we had to take Emma and Dougie to there Dad's. =( It's always hard but we had such a great time celebrating Christmas with them. And as I have to do so often, I focus on the time we have together instead of focusing on the time we don't.
Once we dropped Emma and Dougie off, we headed back to my Mom and Dad's so we could be with my mom's side of the family on Christmas Day. It was a lot of traveling but it was so worth it!
On Christmas Day, we gathered at my cousin Kaylan's house and once again ate and exchanged gifts! It was another amazing day.
Caleb and Mia waiting to open gifts!
This is my Grandmother, the kids call her GiGi. She hates having her picture made so you have to sneak to get her picture. She'd die if she knew I was posting this here!
The family!
We decided after leaving Mom and Dad's on Saturday, not to go to the Farm this year. As you may know, we have to move in a few weeks, so we figured we better get home and start packing. (Which is what I should be doing instead of writing these posts!)
Christmas 2009 was a wonderful time of celebration for us. We are so blessed and give all the glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope you had a wonderful time this year too!
Love y'all dearly!

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Thena said...

Makes me tired just reading it. But I know the feeling oh so well. Moving itself is a job. If you happen to come towards Statesboro email me. Would love to meet you before you move. I have read the encouraging words you have left on Megan's blog and I appreciate it so much.