Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teacher's gifts

A few weeks ago, we bought some fresh strawberries from a farm close to the kids school. I'm not kidding when I tell you, those were the sweetest strawberries I had ever put in my mouth! I used some of those strawberries and made us some homemade jam.

So when thinking about gifts for the teachers, I thought why not give them something homemade.
So on Monday afternoon, we stopped by the strawberry farm and bought a bucket of strawberries.

That large bucket cost $8!!!

Now before I go any further, please don't think I'm some kind of domestic diva, whipping up cooked batches of homemade jam, cause I'm definitely not.
If you buy this:

It has a simple, super easy way to prepare jam.
Y'all it's so simple, even I can do it!

Here's the finished product:

The kids helped make the jam and pour it into the jars. I bought the jars and the fabric from
wal-mart. All together, I spent $17 and we made enough to give 2 jars each of their teachers (they have 2 teachers a piece), a jar to the teacher of their choice, and a friend.

Y'all should definitely try this!

6 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Natalie said...

What a creative gift. From a teacher's perspective, it's personal gifts like that that mean so much. Go on...domestic diva!

TAMI said...

Just found you via a comment left on Ponderings Of The Heart. I happen to be a "woman pastor" and appreciated the range of 'possibilities' you expressed, and your digging into the Scriptures. I'm drawn to the "simple" familial focus of your blog and your edge of humor. Will be peeking in again!

kmom3 said...

What a terrific idea!!! :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Perfect idea!


The Preacher's Wife said...

You are absolutely the coolest mom EVER.

Would you like to know what our teacher gifts were this year?


I ALWAYS do gifts and this year I totally forgot!! Can you imagine?? That's definitely Loser Mom material...:))

sara said...

I have seen your picture on comments of several blogs I read and decided to stop by!

I have canned for years and have always given it away as teacher gifts. They actually would look forward to it. It is also a great gift to have around at Christmas for when you get invited to someone's house for dinner!