Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Under The Big Top!

The Carson-Barnes Circus came to our town yesterday and we took the kids to the afternoon performance. Like we told the kids, this is an old-fashion, 3 ring circus that is held in a big tent, literally under the big top!
It had everything that the big circus' have, excepts lion or tigers. But as long as they have elephants, I'm happy.
Before the show started, Emma, Dougie and I rode a camel. Emma rode with her friend, Erica and Dougie and I rode together. All I have to say is that, I hope I never have to ride one through the desert!!!
I tried to get some good pictures. Caleb was mesmerized for the first half. It was a pretty warm day, so it was hot in that tent. That's why Caleb is so sweaty.

I can't get the pictures to post here, so I'm going to do a seperate post for the slideshow!

6 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Mocha with Linda said...

What fun! There's nothing like taking your little one to the circus and watching them watch it!

Angie said...

We took the girls to their first circus a few weeks ago - so fun! I keep thinking I should blog about it. Such fun pictures! Are you sure that wasn't YOU workin' it with the hula hoops? :)

Also, I read a book last month called Water for Elephants (warning: not a Christian book!) and it was about the circus during the depression. Very interesting read! (It was unintentionally timed with our circus outing, and made it all the more interesting!)

Jennifer said...

We went to this circus back in the fall. My older daughter (3.5 at the time) loved it!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Becoming Me said...

How fun. I have wonderful memories riding a camel and elephant at a childhood circus. I love your slide show below as well

~*Kathi*~ said...

Hey! I loved the pictures, I saw some tickets in a store this morning, apparently the circus is coming this way soon.
Have a GREAT day!!


Alana said...

Hi Cheryl, if you are still interested in the bloggy flip flop swap I need some info from you. If you read my latest post it has all of the details. I'll be matching up partners asap!