Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm still here!

I received an email this morning from my 2nd mom checking in on me. She said it had been 5 days since I'd updated my blog, so she just wanted to make sure everything was ok! Everything is fine, we have just been extremely busy! I'm sure you can all relate. On Friday, I basically spent the whole day at the kids' school. They have a costume parade/contest in the morning and then have parties around lunch time. Because of the distance from home to the school, there was no sense in me driving back and forth. By the time we got home, it was just about time to get ready to head to our friends house for a Halloween party. We had a blast. They live out in the country, so we had a scary hayride through the pasture. Some of the dads hid out there and scared the kids when we rode by. I think the dads had more fun than the kids.
Then on Sat., the kids I headed to a family reunion. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun getting caught up with aunts, uncles and cousins.
Of course Sundays are busy for everyone and so by the time Monday got here, I just wanted to crash. Other than taking the kids to school, we stayed home and didn't do much. I did do some laundry but we were just exhausted.
I haven't even loaded my pictures yet, although I didn't get many from Halloween. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and hope you don't have to wait in too long of a line to vote. It's going to be a late night!

3 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Mocha with Linda said...

I dread tonight. I hate listening to all the hype and hyperbole and analysis and all the networks trying to beat each other to the punch calling each state for the candidate. Almost wish it were the old days when we could just vote and go to bed and wake up tomorrow to see who won!

BethAnne said...

Glad to hear you are AOK!!! I was wondering why you have been absent from Blogville as well.

Nana said...

That's my girl, glad you are back!