Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 Weeks Old and On Our Own

Asher is 2 weeks old today.

My parents went home today.

It's a day of mixed emotions.

When my parents arrived the Tuesday before Asher's birth we had no idea what the next 2 weeks would hold for us. I think they originally planned to stay until Sunday. But Asher obviously didn't want that, so he made sure they would stay a few more days. When they decided to stay a few extra days, they had to have my sister overnight their meds! Mom then decided she wanted stay because I was still having a lot of pain. Dad decided he would go home on Thursday so he could start his garden. The plan was that he would come back the next week and get her. So Dad left Thursday morning as planned but when he received word on Friday about Steven, he immediately headed back this way.

And yesterday, they almost got another reason to stay. I've been battling some kind of weird virus since Sunday. I was having severe head pain, not a headache but pain to the touch all over my head. I would have bouts of chills and then I would get so hot I'd be sweating. And a very low grade fever. I felt so bad on Sunday, I even called my doctor and she felt like it was a virus and that it was no big deal. On Tuesday, I woke up with a red streak on my forehead. Yesterday morning the red streak had spread down towards my eyes, so I went to the doctor. It turns out that I have some kind of bacterial infection in my sinuses. Since I don't have allergy problems and I haven't had as much as a sniffle, I have no idea how I contracted this. The doctor told me that I had to stop nursing and that until I stopped running a fever, I couldn't be around Asher.

I told my parents, you better get out of dodge while you still can!!!

So this morning, they packed their things and headed back to N. Ga. To say that I've been blessed with wonderful parents would be a huge understatement. I can't even begin to list all they did for us while they were here. I guess I could sum it up by saying, my parents didn't come to stay, they came to do! Since I know they'll be reading this, let me publicly thank you Mom and Dad, I don't know how we would have survived these past few weeks without you. I hope I can be a blessing to my children the way you've been a blessing to us. I love you!!!

I know this post is already long but I've got to give you an update on Asher. As you know by now, his name means blessed and he is living up to it. He is such a blessing! He has literally put himself on a schedule. He eats right at every 3 hours. On Mon. and Tues. night, he skipped his middle of the night feeding and slept from about midnight until 5am! He doesn't spit up, he only cries when he's hungry or dirty and he can sleep soundly in a room full of people! If you think I'm just bragging, I've had my parents here as my witnesses for almost 2 weeks. They will tell you that I'm speaking the truth! He is a wonderful baby! We are the ones who are blessed!

My cousin, Kaylan took this while she was here last weekend. Isn't it just the cutest?!

Love Y'all!!

5 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry it's been so rough!!!! But Asher is a beautiful(handsome)blessing! I canNOT wait to hold him!!

sara said...

oh my word you have been through it, I am so sorry! I will be praying for all of your health!

He is gorgeous!!!

Amy said...

I'm so glad things are getting back to "normal" for you! Y'all have been through so much! Little Asher is so precious!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Man that little guy is SO cute! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Fran said...

LOVE LOVE that picture!!! I'm praying for you now Cheryl. Hoping that you are all a-ok and no more bumps in the road!!!

Big hugs,