Thursday, April 16, 2009

APRIL 16, 2009!!!

Today's the day. I just finished my quiet time and I'm about to get ready to leave for the hospital. As I was reading my bible ths morning, I was expecting some great revelation, the perfect scripture for today, and God in His infinite wisdom did not disappoint! As I was readng Proverbs 16, my tummy was growling and I was thinking, "I'm so hungry already and I can't eat until after Asher is born. I sure hope he comes quickly." And then I read Proverbs 16:26

"The laborer'sappetite works for him; his hunger drives him on."

Y'all, I just had to laugh! God knows with my emotions in hyper drive this morning that I needed a good dose of laughter. God is so good but He is also so funny!

Asher, I'm looking forward to holding you today. Mommy loves you so much already. And even though your name means 'blessed', I know well be the ones who is blessed by having you in our lives.

11 thoughts from Y*O*U:

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

OH, I'm so excited for you. Let me be the first (I think) blogger to say, "Welcome, Asher!"

Melinda said...

Beautiful friend...I'm praying over your day, each labor (and hunger!!) filled moment, as you prepare for the glorious wonder of waking up as a family of five and going to sleep as a family of six. Man, isn't He just SOMEthing??

Asher, you have no idea what blessings await you in your wonderful family. Give your mommy a hug for me. :o)

XO Melinda

Fran said...

So so sweet!!! Praying for you today Cheryl. I can't wait to "meet" Asher.


Deedra said...

Oh Cheryl! What an awesome exciting day! Praying for a safe and easy delivery for you and baby Asher.....and delicious food afterwards!

Can't wait to see your beautiful blessing!!

Mindy said...

OHHHHH, Cheryl! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to hear that all is well and Asher is in your arms!
I will be praying as the Lord brings you to my mind today. Welcome to being a "Mom to the fours power" as my M says!!! Can't wait to see Mr. Asher!

Amy said...

Cheryl, I'm praying for you today! I can't wait to see pictures of him! Best of luck!

Nana said...

God is so good!

From Cheryl's second Mom.

Kaylan said...

He's here!!! Oh Cheryl! I'm so happy to hear that everything went good this morning. I can't wait to see that teeny bundle of love!!hehe. I love you my beautiful cousin. You are such an amazing mother, I'm so happy for you and Steven and the kiddos today!

xoxo- KK

**For all of Cheryl's followers, Asher was born around 9:30ish this morning I was told and both he and Cheryl are doing fantastic! He's only 7 lb 7 oz- so little :) Praise Be to Him! I'll let her give all the little details.. if she can every find time now that she's a beautiful mommy of 4! Anyone want to guess what middle name she chose?? :)

twinkle said...

Awesome news!
I can't wait to see a pic and hear his full name...

Natalie said...

My thoughts are with you!! Can't wait for pictures!

Linda said...

Prayihg everything went well. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new little addition.