Sunday, April 26, 2009

When I did my last post on Thursday, I wrote "it should be a fun weekend." Well, if we're friends on facebook, you know that this weekend has been anything but fun.
On Thursday afternoon, Steven had a mild heart attack. We didn't know it until he went to the doctor on Friday and his blood work showed that his cardiac enzymes were elevated.

He went to the gym Thursday afternoon and came home within 30 minutes. When he walked in, I could tell something was wrong. I asked him if he felt ok and he said, he just had a lot of pressure in his chest. His words were, "I don't think it's heart attack kind of pain, though." He laid in the recliner for almost an hour until he began to feel a little better. I remember him taking a couple of Bayer aspirin.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and he seemed to be feeling a little better. He later told me that he took 3 more aspirin before bed and then took 2 more when he woke up Friday morning. I'm so grateful my husband is not stubborn and if he feels something is wrong, he will go to the doctor. So he called his doctor first thing Friday morning. They did an EKG and ran some blood tests. The EKG didn't show anything but it was the blood work that alerted his doctor that he had possibly had a heart attack. When they called to tell us about the blood work, they wanted Steven to get to a cardiologist immediately. They called one for him and the cardiologist wanted him to go to the emergency room to be admitted.

Since I couldn't drive him to the hospital (which is an hour away), one of the deacons from our church drove him. Once he got to the hospital, they ran more tests and determined that he needed a heart cath. They scheduled it for Saturday morning. By Friday night, my sister and cousin and my dad had all gotten to my house. So Saturday morning, my dad and I went to the hospital.

The heart cath showed that 2 of his small veins were severely blocked but they were too small to treat with a stint. His major arteries showed some blockages but nothing more than 30%, so no stints were needed. He's being treated with medicine and of course he has to change his eating habits and make sure he gets plenty of exercise.

The nurse in the cath lab told Steven that she had no doubt that the aspirin he took saved his life.

I can't even go there.

We are praising God for watching over Steven and for HIS protection. God is so good!

Thank you all for praying for us this weekend. Steven was so encouraged by all the people who were praying for him. We feel so blessed by this community of friends that God has blessed us with.

WE dearly love y'all!

5 thoughts from Y*O*U:

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. So glad he's okay.

And I guess you know now, but one of the symptoms of a heart attack are the words "but I don't think it's a heart attack."

Hugs to you. Don't even think about what might have been.

Melinda said...

Oh Cheryl. Girlfriend, there are no words.

Praise Him...oh, Praise Him!

XO Melinda

Fran said...

I almost texted you but I didn't. I just kept praying. I'm so glad that he is ok. My heart was so heavy and worried about you as much as him.

Love you much. Thanking God that he is ok.

twinkle said...

You guys need a nurse!

So glad all seems better. Take things slow and easy. Love you!

Nana said...

Cheryl darling, you are such a selfless person. I noticed you didn't mention that after all that, Sunday you became very sick.....I sure hope you and Steven both are doing better. We give God the praise, and continue to pray for you all. I love you and....................
God bless your Mom and Dad.