Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Just like all of you, we had a busy Easter weekend. Our church had an egg hunt on Saturday. The weather was absolutely perfect. This year Caleb really understood what to do but the sad thing is, this will probably be my baby girl's last year of hunting. :(

On Sunday, we went to the sunrise service which was wonderful! Afterwards, the kids and I came back home to change clothes. Steven stayed at church, so we didn't get a family picture.

I wish I could claim these beautiful azaleas but they belong to my neighbor.

We had a great lunch at home with just our family. It was nice and relaxing. Later, we went to some friends' for an egg hunt and cookout. I have pictures from that too but I'll spare you! But here's one more picture that we took Sunday afternoon, we're not professional photographers but I just love it!

Love y'all!

7 thoughts from Y*O*U:

sara said...

so that is where the good weather went! It poured all day on Easter here. You're pictures are great!

Love the last one!

Kaylan said...

I love the "belly love" photo! What a great pic to get in before Asher arrives. Definitely one that should be framed!

Love y'all!

P.S. I hope everything goes great this week! (Just incase I dont talk to you before the big day!)

ocean mommy said...

LOVE the belly shot. :)

Praying for you this week, and looking forward to meeting Asher!!!

Hugs and love,

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh Cheryl, it is almost time! I'm so happy for you. Blessings on you all as your new family member arrives and starts running the show!

Natalie said...

Those are beautiful pictures! The belly shot is one to treasure!!

Linda said...

Love all the cute Easter pictures but I really love the hands on the belly picture, what a great memory to have.

Fran said...

Love that picture!!!! Praying for you friend. :)