Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall weather means Fall foods...YUM!

Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee is hosting a neat carnival, where everyone can share their favorite fall recipes. I think this will be a weekly thing but I'm not sure.
When we returned home from Gatlinburg last week, the weather was a little bit cooler and I couldn't think of anything else other than my mom's vegetable soup! Call it a pregnancy craving or whatever but I just had to make it. I've made it in the past but it never tasted quite like hers. So I did what any daughter would do, I called her from the grocery store and had her tell me exactly what she uses and bought the exact ingredients she told me to!
So here's the ingredients:

1 lb. ground beef, browned and drained
1 16oz. package frozen soup vegetables
1 28oz diced tomatoes (make sure it's just the tomatoes, nothng extra)
1 8oz tomato sauce (if you like it real "tomatoey" which I do!)
salt and pepper

In a large pot:
Brown your meat and drain off the grease. Then add the vegetables, diced tomatoes with all the juice and the sauce. I use the sauce can to add the water and I added about half a can. You can always add more water later. Add salt and pepper to taste, put the lid on your pot and let it cook. I let mine cook on medium to low for a couple of hours. But you could cook it at a higher temp.

use can veggies
add extra potatoes, which I did, it makes it so much heartier!
I also added some extra okra, just because we have a ton of it in the freezer!

This is a very simple recipe but soooo delicious. I think in the past I've tried to 'season' it up too much but when we had it the other night Steven said it was the best I'd ever made! That's good enough me!


On a different note, I just found out about a giveaway. Go here to read more about it.

7 thoughts from Y*O*U:

BethAnne said...

Okay, so I missed the previous video post and when I read the words "pregnancy craving" --- I quickly scanned down your list of posts ---- what???? How could I have missed that one???? Yay! Yay!! Yay!!! Congratulations! I love the video post thing - you looked and sounded great.......I need to learn how to do it....but then again, it might be best for people to never actually hear my country voice and accent --- I might retain some credibility if I remain silent to those who dont know me well.......I hate to hear my own voice ----- I sound like Ellie Mae on crack!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Okay, Bethanne makes me feel better. My mouth dropped when I read "pregnancy craving." I figured I just missed it being so out of touch with my mom's death. Congrats!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Don't you love it when you come inside and someone's been making homemade vegetable soup?! Delightful! Your recipe is very similar to mine. Thanks for doing this meme!

Susan and Lee said...

yum, I love vegetable soup. My mom's is really good too. Thanks. How do you get in on all these blog give aways and things?

Natalie said...

Sounds delicious! I was thinking about you the other are you feeling? :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Sounds yummie. Thanks for the recipe.

Pat said...

Thank you for your kind words regarding "Surrendering the Secret". God wants His girls healed and set free. Thnak you for helping us!
Bless you,
Pat Layton